Apple iPhone is at risk by WiFiDemon bug that allows piracy; learn how to be safe

Apple iPhone is at risk by WiFiDemon bug that allows piracy

Apple iPhone is at risk by WiFiDemon bug that allows piracy


This Apple iPhone bug allows crooks to hack your phone remotely. Here's how to protect your iPhone.

A recently discovered iPhone bug could cause users to lose their WiFi connectivity. Now, it has been revealed that this iPhone bug is even more dangerous. This bug can reportedly allow hackers to remotely execute code on the device without any user interaction.

Security firm discovers the new attack

This bug, which reportedly affects iPhone devices up to iOS 14.6, has the potential to allow remote code execution on the device. So, malicious users could use the bug to execute arbitrary code on the user's device, without the user interacting with the device at all. The network reset technique was previously thought to be a hassle for users, but researchers at security firm ZecOps have found that the Wi-Fi bug is far more dangerous than earlier thought.

How WiFiDemon bug affects iPhonesusers?

According to the firm, which has called the WiFiDemon attack, the attacker could configure a series of hotspots with the name "%a" that are used to execute commands in the Objective C programming language. This could be used to exploit a weakness in the system. Wi-Fi handles wireless connections, according to researchers. You can read the detailed process of how the researchers managed to demonstrate the vulnerability on their blog.

Steps to be safe from Wi-FiDemon bug

1. At first, users need to update to the latest version of iOS 14.6 to reduce the risk of being affected by the zero-click vulnerability.

2. You can also be safe by turning off the Auto Join feature on your iPhone, which is turned on by default.

3. You can find it under Settings> WiFi> Auto-Join Hotspot> (set to) Never.

4. You can also ensure that your Wi-Fi is turned off in untrusted environments and that they do not connect to unknown networks, especially those that have the% character in the network name.

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