Apple Releases iOS 17 Beta 3: Check What is New

Apple Releases iOS 17 Beta 3: Check What is New

Apple has released the Beta 3 update for iOS 17, which includes changes to the Recently Deleted album, the Mental Wellbeing section, the Apple Music app, and the Home app.

Apple has started rolling out the Beta 3 update for iOS 17. The update is rolling out to developers, and it comes with changes to multiple features and elements. Apple introduced iOS 17 at its annual developer conference in June of this year.

Check what is new with the latest iOS 17 developer Beta:

Recently Deleted Album The iOS 17 Beta 3 update makes changes to the Recently Deleted album. Instead of separate Delete and Undelete buttons, the folder will now have a small three-dot icon at the bottom of the screen to display undelete and undelete options. In case no image is selected, the options available on the right are Delete All and Recover All. Once a user selects one or more than one image in the album, an option to retrieve or delete specific images automatically appears on the screen. Similarly, if you are deleting or undeleting images of a person, you can choose the "Feature This Person Less" option.

Mental Wellbeing Section of the Health App

Apple iOS 17 Beta 3 also brings design refinements to the Mental Wellbeing section of the Health app. The app now has a more streamlined look and colour scheme to suit your mood. For example, very unpleasant is a lighter purple with more blue and less red, and neutral is more of a teal shade than before. Similarly, slightly nice is a brighter green with more yellow. Furthermore, the latest update also adds an option to trigger reminders to record moods on a scheduled basis. Hours include mid-day and end-of-day, with a custom schedule available.

Apple Music App

For the Apple Music app, iOS 17 Beta 2 provides an option to view song credits by tapping the three-dot icon next to a song that's playing, searching, or in a playlist. The credits will show all performing artists, composition artists, and those involved in production and engineering. There's also a section to house the full lyrics and information on the available audio quality, such as Lossless or Dolby Atmos.

Apple Home App

Another change coming with iOS 17 Beta 3 is the addition of a Home screen to display what's new in the Home app. There are now preselected options at the bottom of the interface for lights that support multiple colours and shades. Colour options also appear in the Control Center when accessing a specific light.

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