Apple WWDC 2020: 10 Big Announcements

Apple WWDC 2020: 10 Big Announcements
Apple WWDC 2020

The announcements at WWDC 2020 had a bunch of software updates coming to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV etc.

Apple's first-ever virtual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2020) started with a keynote address led by CEO Tim Cook. The announcements had a bunch of software updates coming to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV etc. and also announced the break-up with Intel.

WWDC 2020 is Apple's first-ever virtual event that was streamed exclusively online without a single in-person. However, CEO Tim Cook led us through an exceedingly seamless keynote that made some announcements on the software front, and one hardware one, coming to Apple's operating systems (OS) across the devices.

What is iOS 14?

As we were expecting the name change didn't happen. But we got a look into the iOS 14 that's coming to iPhones this year later. Widgets are the most critical update in the latest OS that can be placed on the home screen. It makes the iPhone look similar to Apple Watch apps do on the wearable.

Apple is bringing new widgets in different shapes, and sizes, and are more data-rich than they were earlier.

iOS 14 brings on the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature. If you were watching a video on the full screen and you swipe it becomes a floating window on the home screen. The floating window can be moved around and resized as required.

More Memoji customisations

Apple already had a trillion variations to customise your Memojis, and with iOS 14, it brings more options. The new software update will come with age, face masks and emotions like fist bumps and blushing. When compared to other updates, this is not a biggie, but it will make a difference for those who like their Memojis.

Apple Maps will get a dedicated map view for EV users and cyclists

iOS 14 gets an update to the Apple Maps that includes new navigation for cyclists and one that will tell EV drivers to find out where they can get the car chargers on their travel route. The cyclist's route will include elevation notifications and also alert you if there are any stairs on your way.

As of now, cyclists map is released in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Beijing and Shanghai for now and once iOS 14 rolls out, more cities will be included.

App Clips

iOS 14 will soon bring in App Clips, a version of the Instant Apps on Android. The basic idea is to avoid downloading the full app to get access to it; you will also be able to do shopping through Apple Pay. This is a useful feature for anyone who does not want to download apps that you might use a couple of times.

How is iPad OS 14 Different Now?

iPad OS 14 will also get new widgets. It isn't clear yet if those can be brought to the home screen the way you do on your iPhone.

There will be a new sidebar that makes navigating apps easier. Apple showcased how it's going to work with Apple Music and a few other apps, and if you are using the iPad as a replacement for your laptop. This feature will make it easier to do more without having to touch the screen. Apple also redesigned the search engine on the iPad, and with the iPad OS 14, it will look precisely like the Spotlight on macOS.

Writing gets better with Apple Pencil

Apple is adding a new feature "Scribble" that allows you to write in any text field with the Apple Pencil. Whatever you write it can automatically be converted to text.

AirPods gets Advanced

AirPods new update can detect which device you are on and connect automatically to play the audio from there. You will no longer have to select a device manually.

Another update allows the AirPods Pro to utilise the accelerometer in the earbuds to offer spatial audio that can track your head and your location to give better immersive sound experience.

The WatchOS 7 and the Game of Faces

Now you can get all the watch faces that you might have seen and liked and might not know how to get. Apple is adding in a feature called Face Swapping with the WatchOS 7 that allows you to add a watch face to your Apple Watch from the developer's website or social media. Apple brings virtual car keys

With iOS 14 (and iOS 13) Apple offers a new way to unlock and start your car. As of now, the car key is going to work only on the BMW 5-series.

A new Smart Home standard

Apple is working on developing a new Smart Home standard that users can optimise in addition to HomeKit-compatible devices. The company has allied with Google, Amazon, Zigbee etc. for that to ensure all devices work seamlessly across the ecosystem.

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