Beware! Your Android smartphone is at risk; Know all about the malware and how to safeguard it

Beware! Your Android smartphone is at risk; Know all about the malware and how to safeguard it

Beware! Your Android smartphone is at risk; Know all about the malware and how to safeguard it


Hackers are attacking more and more Android smartphones. Users are being asked to take action to stop malicious software. So what should you do to fix the problem?

With over 3 million apps on the Google Play Store, Android smartphone users have a vast selection of apps to select. There are even more options available, as the ability to download apps allows users to install others outside of the store. While this opens the possibility that there are even more applications available to Android smartphone owners, there is a considerable risk of becoming infected with malware that can steal data from these devices, which have access to our most private information. The threat is real and immediate for Android smartphone users.

According to the company, one main reason is the rise in popularity of Google's Android operating system, which now has more than 3 billion active devices. Over the years, malicious software has made its way from personal computers to smartphones and other portable devices like tablets. Malware has gone from stealing personal data to ransomware, a program that encrypts personal data and locks a device that demands a "ransom" from users to re-access their data.

As per the security companies, the answer is antivirus software for Android devices. They promise to keep users safe, but is it worth downloading an antivirus program on your Android smartphone?

Types of Android Malware

Malware can present itself in various forms, such as adware, stealing personal information, while displaying annoying advertisements on your phone screens, such as loud sounds or full-screen videos. Another form of malware is spread through malicious websites where users can download an infected application to access their data once the relevant permissions are granted. Other malware can lock your data for a "ransom" amount or slow down your phone by running "cryptocurrency" mining software.

Do we need antivirus on our Android?

With over 3 million apps on the Play Store, Google is already doing the job of protecting Android users through its own Google Play Protect plan, which scans apps installed from the Play Store and apps that are installed from third parties stores. However, sometimes well-designed malware is capable of sneaking past even Google's detection mechanisms, so it might make sense to download a third-party antivirus app for your Android smartphone.

Meanwhile, if you run a smartphone that doesn't come with Google services (some Chinese smartphones and devices with custom ROMs), you won't have Google Play Protect, which means a third-party antivirus app might be your safest bet against malware on your smartphone.

How to choose an Android antivirus app?

An excellent place to start researching which antivirus app is best for your smartphone is by visiting a third-party website like AV-Comparatives. They can provide unbiased information on each security solution based on their testing. You can choose from several well-known providers, depending on the protection you need for your Android device. When choosing an antivirus application for your smartphone, an important thing to remember is that there is no silver bullet that will protect it from all threats. Users will still need to be vigilant while downloading and installing applications on the web.

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