Data Privacy Day 2024: Tech Leaders Insights on Safeguarding Digital Lives

Data Privacy Day 2024: Tech Leaders Insights on Safeguarding Digital Lives

Data Privacy Day serves as a timely reminder to prioritize privacy, ensuring a safer and more secure online environment.

Every year, January 28 is celebrated as International Data Privacy Day. Data Privacy Day 2024 is a pivotal observance emphasizing the critical need to protect personal information in the digital era. Individuals, organizations, and policymakers globally unite to raise awareness about privacy concerns and advocate for responsible data handling practices. In conjunction with this, The Hans India is amplifying the voices of tech leaders, sharing their opinions on the significance of safeguarding privacy. As technology advances, empowering users with knowledge and tools to navigate the digital landscape becomes paramount. Data Privacy Day serves as a timely reminder to prioritize privacy, ensuring a safer and more secure online environment.

Srividya Kannan, Founder & CEO Avaali Solutions

�??Data Privacy Day isn't just about celebrating progress; it's a stark reminder of the immense responsibility we shoulder as architects of the digital landscape. The data that fuels our world's advancement demands a deep commitment to ethical use and unwavering protection �?? especially of the most fundamental right: individual privacy.

At Avaali, we understand innovation thrives not in a vacuum but on a foundation of unyielding trust and data privacy. We don't simply chase breakthroughs; we chase them hand-in-hand with transparency, ethical practices, and robust cybersecurity. Because in this hyper-connected era, trust is the currency of the digital realm. Let's not be blinded by technological marvels. Data breaches and trust erosion are wake-up calls. Collaboration, not competition, is the path forward. Industry leaders, policymakers, and individuals must join forces to build a digital future fortified by impregnable data protection and unwavering respect for personal liberties.

Avaali pledges to be an active participant in this critical endeavour. We embrace Data Privacy Day not as a one-day event but as a perpetual commitment to sculpting a future where innovation and privacy are not adversaries but inseparable allies. Together, let's forge a digital era defined by uncompromising integrity, profound respect, and enduring safeguards for the data that fuels our shared destiny.�??

Dr Aakansha Natani, Assistant Professor Human Sciences Research Centre, IIIT Hyderabad

The number of daily internet users in constantly rising all over the world. The average amount of time spent on internet is also rising significantly. With every single click and digital activity, users are creating valuable data which is becoming an asset in digital economy. The digital footprints of users are now being used to influence their needs, choices and preferences. The targeted advertising based on users�?? profiling has become a successful marketing tool but it has emerged as a serious challenge in democratic political systems due to formation of echo-chambers in social media platforms. Digital surveillance by public sector authorities in this regard has also emerged as a crucial concern all across the world.

Furthermore, due to the rapid advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning in the last few years, data processed by algorithms is becoming a tool of power in global politics. The big-tech platforms now have the capacity to influence dominant values of art, literature, culture, morality and ethics in society. Concerns are also emerging about their capacity to control the public discourse by restricting access to specific kinds of information or providing counter information in excess. At the same time, dilemmas are emerging over digital sovereignty and data ownership, especially in the global south.

Personal data protection concerns cannot be ignored anymore as the lack of legal mechanisms in this regard might cause threat to human and fundamental rights of citizens. Several incidents have occurred all across the world where data breach of sensitive data such as health and banking have caused substantial harm to users specially in the societies with lower digital literacy.

Since India is building a wide-scale Aadhar-based digital public infrastructure, we must focus on building high-quality mechanisms to secure its data. The focus should also be on to develop appropriate digital awareness programmes for people.

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