Google Maps Street View is available in India now

Google Maps Street View is available in India now

Google Maps Street View feature lets users see and explore places virtually. Users can explore the areas they plan to travel through a 360-degree viewing experience.

Google Maps Street View feature appears to be available in most Indian cities, allowing users to experience a "virtual representation" of their surroundings. Google announced Street View for Maps in India last year, although it was initially launched in Bangalore on a pilot basis. Users can now add a location, select Street View in Maps, and enjoy a 360-degree view of roads and houses as if they were physically present. These 360° images help you know where to go and what to expect when you travel. The Maps feature returned to India last year after being banned for six years for security reasons. The Hans India tried the new Street View feature in Google Maps for various locations around Siddipet, Sangareddy, and Secunderabad, including The Hans India office. You can check the images below to view the same.

Street View is highlighted by blue lines on Google Maps, The Hans India office in Street View

How to use Street View on Google Maps

Street View in Google Maps works on Android and iPhones via the app and the Google Maps website. The tech giant claims that users "can explore world landmarks and natural wonders and experience places like museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses with Street View."

On PC, open Google Maps in your browser (preferably Chrome) > Activate Street View from the "Layers" box at the bottom left > Select an area manually or enter the location in the search box.

Similarly, on Android phones or iPhones, enable Street View from the "Layers" box on the right > Select an area manually or enter the location in the search box.

The web and app user interface remains the same. You can also advance on the map and explore an area by clicking the arrows.

As mentioned above, Google initially reintroduced Street View exclusively for Bangalore. However, Street View support has been extended to other cities since the announcement. In addition, while Google stated that it was an India-wide rollout last year, we've noted that numerous images of remote locations bear the time stamp 2023, suggesting that the area was covered with Street View this year.

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