Google Search Officially Gets Dark Mode on Desktop

Google Dark Mode

Google Dark Mode


Google is finally adding an official dark mode for searching on desktops, it will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Google is finally adding an official dark mode for searching on desktops, allowing those who prefer to avoid glossy web pages to complete their searches while drenched in ink gray. According to Google's support page, you can make the change by going to Settings> Search Settings> Appearance. There, you will be able to choose between light, dark, or the default device, which will automatically follow your computer's mode. If you don't see the Appearance option, you may need to wait a bit - Google says the setting will "roll out in the next few weeks," as many of its updates do.

Google has been playing with dark mode search for a while; we noticed it was on trial in February. To take you a bit behind the scenes, we've since had a few staff members randomly get and lose dark mode as testing continued. Now, however, it is finally official. 9to5Google also reports that some users see another fast-toggling sun icon and that some people have the option to enable the switch in Google's mobile web version. None of the changes are mentioned in the Google announcement.

Of course, you've had options to search darkly before now - you could turn off Google using browser add-ons, or use themes in alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo. Many of Google's Android and iOS apps, including Google's main search app, have also had a dark mode for a while now.

But Google, making it officially available as a setting, will make it a lot easier for those who just didn't bother to install an extension or switch search providers. Plus, hopefully, it will ease the experience of logging into a new device and trying to search for something, only to be bombarded with the light of a thousand suns. Maybe that's a bit hyperbolic, but hey, everyone hails the darkness (and small improvements in quality of life).

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