Hawk Eye Mobile App Review: This app from Hyderabad Police will help you report violations

Hawk Eye Mobile App Review: This app from Hyderabad Police will help you report violations

Here is a complete guide to help you learn how to download and use the Hawk Eye Mobile App.

Hyderabad Police launched a mobile phone application to empower the public, especially women, to improve their security and reach out to them at the time of agony. Download this app on your mobile and be safe.

Follow these steps to download the Hawk-Eye Mobile App

1. Go to Google Play Store and search for Hawk Eye

2. You will see Hawk Eye – Hyderabad Police, Click on Install

3. Once it is downloaded, it will ask you for Login details

4. You can Log in using your mobile number, Email ID or Facebook Account

5. After you Log in you will be directed to a new screen

6. You need to select different options and to enter the details required

7. The app is ready to use

Features of Hawk-Eye App:

 Report Violation to Police

 Women Travel Made Safe

 Register with Police

 SOS button for accessing help in Emergencies

 Emergency Contacts

 Community Policing

 Know Your Report Status

How to Use the Hawk-Eye Mobile App

1. Report Violation to Police: Using this option you can make complain without visiting the police station.

2. Women Travel Made Safe: When you click this option, you can report the police before you board the vehicle. You can select the place of boarding, type of vehicle, vehicle number, and the location of the destination. After you fill in all these details, click the Submit button.

3. Register with Police: Here you can register details of Servant or Tenant with Police

4. SOS: This option allows you to create your own "Emergency" button for your safety. Police and your concerned person can reach you for your rescue in case of emergency. You can enter five contact numbers after which the information will go to the Police Station or Control Room.

5. Emergency Contacts: You can click on the Police Station for contact numbers. Here you can find contact numbers of Patrol Number, Admin S.I, S.H.O, ACP, DCP, DCP Office numbers and Control Room Number.

6. Community Policing: You can enrol yourself as citizen police and help police to curb unlawful activities. This option enables you to register as a volunteer. Oath/ Willfully Join Police for Community Policing. You need to submit all your details like your Name, Mobile Number, Email, Address, Police Station, and Place of Participation and Select your Interest in Policing.

7. Know Your Report Status: If you have registered a case or complain, you can check the status of that complain here.

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