India to mandate USB-C on all smart devices

India to mandate USB-C on all smart devices

USB-C ports on all smart devices could be made mandatory in India soon after stakeholders reach a consensus.

The EU mandated the presence of USB-C in smart devices, and India will soon make a similar rule. Initially, the Union government had set up an inter-ministerial working group to allow discussions to take place, and after a few rounds, it was agreed to require USB-C on all smart devices sold in India. "India will shift to a USB type C charging port for all smart devices after stakeholders reached a consensus at a meeting of an inter-ministerial task force set up by the Union government," said Rohit Kumar Singh, the Consumer Affairs Secretary, on Wednesday.

"During the meeting, a broad consensus emerged among stakeholders on adoption of USB Type – C as a charging port for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops etc. Further, it was deliberated that a different charging port may be adopted for feature phones," added Singh.

USB-C will be mandatory on all smart devices

The government, however, will opt for two standard chargers instead of just one. It is said that there will be a port for all compatible smart devices and one for low-cost feature phones. The basic idea is to reduce the generation of e-waste in our country and help make things simpler for consumers. According to the report, one of the concerns was also related to leaving the EU. The EU mandate for USB-C is said to lead to tech brands dumping outdated products in India; thus, the country has to counter it.

So far, an official decision has yet to be made on which ports will be chosen as the standard. "Globally, the shift is pivoted towards USB-C ports, so it would make sense for us to adopt it too. One important point is that the rate of technological obsolescence in the electronic industry is very high, and what is in today is out tomorrow," said Ajay Garg of the Electronic Industries Association of India. Therefore, most Android phone users may be fine if USB-C is selected as the standard port for all smart devices. USB-C is already a standard port on even most entry-level Android smartphones. The only concern will be for Apple, which still uses its Lightning port on AirPods and iPhones.

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