Indian Apps Delisted: Telecom Minister Challenges Google's Authority

Indian Apps Delisted: Telecom Minister Challenges Googles Authority

Telecom Minister asserts Indian startups' autonomy after Google delists 10 apps, highlighting the importance of indigenous entrepreneurial potential.

Google's recent removal of over 10 popular Indian apps from the Play Store due to billing policy violations has sparked strong reactions from Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. Vaishnaw firmly states that big tech companies like Google cannot dictate the fate of Indian startups.

"I have already called Google...I have already called the app developers who have been delisted. We will be meeting them next week. This cannot be permitted. This kind of delisting cannot be permitted," Vaishnaw told PTI.

The delisted apps include well-known platforms such as Alt Balaji,, and, among others, drawing attention to Google's stringent enforcement of billing guidelines. In response, Vaishnaw voices concern over the disproportionate influence major tech corporations wielde over Indian startups, emphasizing the need for autonomy and fairness in the digital ecosystem.

The dispute between Google and Indian app developers has been ongoing for several years, primarily revolving around Google's stringent fee structures for app listings on the Play Store. While Google has recently revised its fee policies, developers continue to challenge the platform's dominance and demand greater flexibility in payment methods.

To address these concerns, Indian developers sought intervention from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to advocate for alternative payment options. Despite Google's concession allowing other payment methods, developers remain dissatisfied with the imposed fees, which they argue diminish their profits.

Vaishnaw's proactive response includes initiating dialogue with Google and affected developers to address the underlying issues. He underscores the significance of India's burgeoning startup ecosystem, highlighting its remarkable growth and potential contributions to the global tech landscape.

Asserting that India's entrepreneurial spirit should not be stifled by external regulations, Vaishnaw advocates for a fair and conducive environment that nurtures innovation and creativity. He pledges to champion the interests of Indian startups and ensure that they are not unduly constrained by the policies of tech giants like Google.

As discussions between developers, regulatory bodies, and tech companies continue, Vaishnaw remains steadfast in his commitment to safeguarding the interests of Indian startups and promoting a level playing field in the digital arena.

"I will be telling Google...Our entrepreneurial energy...startups, look at the whole startup India programme, 10 years back we had practically nothing and today we have more than 1,00,000 startups, more than 100 unicorns...this is something...the energy of our youth, the energy of our entrepreneurs, energy of our talented people that has to be channelised fully well, it cannot be left to the policies of any big tech," he said.

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