iOS 17 to launch next month; Find the features list

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Apple released the latest beta update for the latest iOS 17 operating system, and people can expect the company to release a stable version of the software in September. Find the features of the next version of iOS.

Apple released the latest beta update for the latest iOS 17 operating system, and people can expect the company to roll out a stable software version. This will likely happen next month after the new iPhone 15 series launch. While the company has already revealed all the major updates coming with the latest version of iOS 17, here is a quick look at the features that are coming available in the beta 6 update and the ones people will see in the public release.

Features discovered in iOS 17 beta 6

The latest iOS 17 beta 6 update brings several improvements to the Messages app. Now, simply by holding down the "+" button, users can effortlessly access the photo picker, eliminating the need to scroll through a list and select the Photos option. In a recent interface tweak, Apple relocated the red end call button within the Phone app from the bottom centre to the bottom right. However, this change received mixed reactions due to the ingrained habit of users touching the centre. In response to feedback, Apple has reverted the end call button in the sixth beta to its familiar centre position, aligning with its placement in iOS 16 and earlier.

Apple's dedication to refining the user experience extends to mood-tracking animations. In particular, the animations for mood tracking have been refined. Rings around moods now have faster and more numerous animations around each mood shape. A new splash screen welcomes users to the Photos app and effectively introduces them to the new features.

In the Photos app, you can pinch to crop images, and iPhone users can view the desired images in the Photos widget. One will also be able to reorder and make some other changes. People will also see separate pet albums.

Apple presented iOS 17 features at WWDC 2023

At WWDC 2023, Apple showcased the new features coming to iOS 17. People will see a list of other features when the latest software is released. iOS 17 will bring a new live voicemail feature with live transcription, which means that one will be able to check the real-time live translation of the recording. One of the valuable updates coming to FaceTime is that it will leave video messages if someone misses a call. iMessage has also been updated with search filters, and people will be able to reply to a message simply by swiping the text. Audio messages are now automatically transcribed as well. Users can now share locations in iMessage as a new location-sharing feature has been added to the app. You'll also see a new design for the iMessage app, hiding apps and the camera behind a + button in iMessage.

What other thing? One will be able to use maps in offline mode as well. iPhone users will now be able to create subject stickers from any photo. You can also make "live stickers" using moving photos. The good thing is that the stickers will also work in third-party apps, which didn't happen before. There are also improvements to AirDrop. One can exchange phone numbers with someone new using AirDrop. You only need to bring the phones together to share numbers and email addresses.

You can use AirDrop to share large files, and iPhone users can now use SharePlay to sync live streams or music. Apple also introduced a new app called Journal, which is coming later this year. You can save moments in your Diary and schedule notifications for the beginning or end of your day. Apple ensures privacy by blocking suggestions and entries, securing them using end-to-end encryption, inaccessible even to the company.

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