Know-How to Block Contacts on WhatsApp

Know-How to Block Contacts on WhatsApp
Know-How to Block Contacts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp block function helps you to block unwanted contacts.


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging service worldwide, without which we cannot imagine our life. From primary level to premium flagships WhatsApp finds place almost on all smartphones today.

No doubt, WhatsApp from Facebook is one of the most widely used instant messaging apps. From official meetings to hangout plans with friends to an approaching family function, you can discuss and plan out everything on WhatsApp. WhatsApp also features status here you can upload your whereabouts. You can also check other people status and know about their personal lives.

WhatsApp offers voice calling, and video calls facility also. But, with so many plus points, it has few negative aspects as well.

You need to enter your phone number to log in to WhatsApp. Sometimes you may not want a specific person in a group to know your phone number, but you don't have an option. At times people become a victim of cyberbullying and get disturbed by the wrong number from WhatsApp. WhatsApp block function helps you to block such unwanted contacts. Once you block the person on WhatsApp, they can no longer access your contact photo, status or last seen. The person cannot send you a message also.

Follow these easy steps to block someone on WhatsApp:

  • 1. Open your WhatsApp account
  • 2. Click on the Settings button and then click account settings
  • 3. Now, click on the privacy button
  • 4. Click on the blocked list icon
  • 5. Add the contact number you want to block
  • 6. Block the unknown number

Open the WhatsApp unknown number message and select the block button from the option where report spam, block, add contacts mentioned at the bottom.

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