LG Shows Off its First Rollable Phone at CES 2021

LG Shows Off its First Rollable Phone at CES 2021

LG Shows Off its First Rollable Phone at CES 2021


This is the best look we have of LG Rollable, the company's first rollable smartphone.

LG's first rollable phone finally appeared at CES 2021. LG took a brief look at its rollable phone, but it's the best look we've had yet. The South Korean company began its CES presentation with the roll-up phone that has the screen sliding upward for a design similar to a larger tablet.

Called "LG Rollable", the smartphone screen unfolds when the phone is held in landscape mode. LG really showed this coolly by starting the presentation with the screen unfolding and ending it with the screen unfolding inward. When unfolded, the LG Rollable looks like a tablet. LG has shown only the front of its roll-up phone, and we haven't seen exactly what the screen unfolded from the rear looks like.

LG didn't detail its roll-up phone other than to say that it has a "single resizable screen." It is not known when we will see more LG Rollable. CNET reports that LG plans to launch the phone later this year, but there is no official confirmation.

LG Rollable is the latest experiment in the company's Project Explorer. So far it has released LG Wing, which has a secondary rotating screen. LG Wing was a great experiment in its own right, so it won't be long until we see the LG Rollable on the market. This isn't the first time LG has experimented with roll-up displays, either. It has already launched the first rollable TV that also has an OLED screen.

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