MWC 2024: HMD Teases New Phones for India Launch in July

MWC 2024: HMD Teases New Phones for India Launch in July

HMD Global unveils upcoming smartphones and a Barbie-themed flip phone, which is set to launch in July, focusing on sustainability and repairability

HMD Global, the company formerly associated with Nokia, will debut its branded smartphones in India and other global markets in July 2024. With a focus on sustainability and repairability, HMD is gearing up to introduce two new smartphones and a Barbie-themed flip phone to consumers. Here's a closer look at what's in store:

Two Sustainable and Repairable Smartphones

HMD aims to launch two smartphones in July 2024, emphasizing sustainability and repairability as key features. While the specific names of these devices are yet to be disclosed, the company assures that they will offer affordability and quick repair options without requiring extensive separation during repairs, such as screen replacements.

"HMD will have easy repairability and sustainability as part of its brand promise always. We are confident about a strong, smart 5G portfolio for India and other markets, which we will announce very soon," Ravi Kunwar, Vice President - India & APAC at HMD, said.

Barbie-Themed Flip Phone Partnership

HMD is venturing into nostalgia with a Barbie-themed flip phone in an intriguing collaboration with Mattel. While details regarding the specifications of these phones remain under wraps, the partnership suggests a blend of modern technology with a touch of retro charm.

Design Sneak Peek

During an event held just before MWC 2024, HMD provided a sneak peek at the design of its upcoming devices. One of the showcased smartphones features a dual rear camera setup with subtle HMD branding and a "Human Mobile Devices" inscription on the rear panel. The device, available in grey, exhibits a slightly thick form factor and includes a speaker, headphone jack, and Type-C port at the bottom.

The second smartphone teaser image hints at a curved panel and frames adorned with distinct HMD branding on the rear. While additional details are yet to be unveiled, the teaser offers a glimpse of the device's design direction. Meanwhile, details about the Barbie flip phone remain scarce, with expectations of a pink colour variant reminiscent of the iconic doll's aesthetic. Additionally, HMD plans to introduce a new Nokia feature phone in a vibrant yellow hue, with further information expected to emerge in the coming weeks. As HMD prepares to launch its new lineup of smartphones and the Barbie-themed flip phone in July, tech enthusiasts can stay tuned for the latest updates and announcements.

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