Now Google Bard replies with images; How to use

Now Google Bard replies with images; How to use

Now Google Bard replies with images; How to use


Now Google's AI-powered chatbot Bard will give answers with images from Google Search. This will help users to get useful answers with visuals.

Google introduced its generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Bard, a few weeks ago at its developer conference: Google I/O 2023. The new chatbot is the company's answer to Microsoft's OpenAI and Bing's ChatGPT with GPT4. While Bard is somewhat similar to the already famous ChatGPT, Google is also updating its AI chatbot and developing new features to be more informative and engaging than its rivals.

During the launch of Bard at the annual I/O event, Google promised that it would roll out new features for Bard in the coming weeks. Bard will feature features like dark mode, a web search for themes, help with coding, and more. While Google has already implemented some of these features, in a recent push, it finally introduced images to Bard.

In a recent update, Google announced that Bard can now display quick results on images from Google Search. The new feature will allow users to get more useful visual feedback. Google says the image results will help users get more connectable answers. "Images can help you communicate your ideas more effectively. They can bring concepts to life, make recommendations more persuasive, and improve responses when you ask for visual information," the official update reads.

How to use Google Bard image search:

To get a response in images, you can ask Bard directly for images, and in response, it will also show the source of each image. After the notice, Bard will provide images in the search responses that will help users get a better idea of what they are searching for.

- Go to

- Enter your indication in the search bar.

- Google Bard will show you relevant answers with the option to search on Google Search.

As of now, Google users in 180 countries, including the US and India, can use Bard for free.

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