Play PUBG for Free on Steam Till June 8; Find Out

Play PUBG for Free on Steam Till June 8; Find Out
Play PUBG for Free on Steam Till June 8; Find Out

Gamers can play PUBG on Steam for free until June 8, 10.30 pm.

PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) is now available for free to play on Steam for this weekend, i.e. till June 8. The whole game will be unlocked for players which include the new Ranked playlist. The in-game store will be the only exception.

For the information of gamers, PUBG posted a short message on their website about the move.

PUBG wrote, "As safety measures surrounding COVID-19 continue to keep people in their homes, the #PlayApartTogether message remains just as important. To further support this industry-wide initiative, we're running a PUBG Free Play Weekend on Steam!"

Gamers can play PUBG on Steam from June 4 5.30 pm IST until June 8 10.30 pm IST that too for free.

If gamers want to continue playing PUBG after the weekend, they can purchase the same at a discounted price.

The report also states that those who like to play PUBG over the weekend need to go to Steam and visit the PUBG page. On that page click the 'Play Game' button. After the game ends installing on the PC, you can play PUBG easily.

Though one needs to keep in mind that if you have not bought the game, you will not be able to purchase anything or do any microtransactions.

PUBG is also offered on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. But PUBG will not be available for free on any of these platforms.

Last month PUBG last added the 7.2 patch notes. The update consists of a Ranked Mode, tiers and divisions along with the adjustments to various firearms. There are some tweaks to the armour in PUBG patch 7.2 also.

PUBG said, "Vests not only provided armour but also provided additional inventory space. However, it felt pretty bad to immediately lose that space when your vest was destroyed in combat."

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