Portability is the future of projectors: Sushil Motwani, Official India Rep for XGIMI

Mr Sushil Motwani, Official India Representative for XGIMI

Mr Sushil Motwani, Official India Representative for XGIMI


Portability is the future of projectors and this is what sets the XGIMI devices apart from a TV or an indoor projector that once installed cannot be moved around at will.

XGIMI is an award-winning company that designs and manufactures high-performance multi-functional smart projectors. The core principle we are driven by is to offer functionality, innovative product concepts, convenience, value for money, cutting-edge design and the best possible audio-visual experience to the customer.

They also believe in building partnerships with leaders in their respective fields such as Harman/Kardon, Texas Instruments, Baidu and Google to pack state-of-the-art features in our products. In an interview with The Hans India Sushil Motwani, official India Rep for XGIMI talks about how the journey of XGIMI began in 2014 when XGIMI launched its first-generation smart projector, Sushil says, "In the last 6 years, we have won 28 international design and innovation awards."

XGIMI has completed two years in India Sushil says, "We have learnt that quality speaks for itself and that the Indian consumer is very discerning. That is why despite the challenges that the pandemic posed, we sold over 2,000 units in less than 18 months. And when it comes to valuable lessons the brand learned in the consumer technology business? He says, "We have learnt that after-sales service is very important for the Indian consumer and our personalised, stress-free service has won us a lot of trust and appreciation. We do not want to rest on our laurels and hence we have been constantly working on improving our brand and making our customer experience better by offering the additional warranty and generating brand confidence by delivering what we promise."

The tastes of the consumer are changing and their expectations from entertainment devices have changed too. He believes that "People don't want inflexible gadgets anymore and they want entertainment on the move. Many of our clients do not want to dedicate an entire room to a big-screen television. They want to be able to savour what they want anytime, anywhere, be it their backyard, terrace or different parts of the house and even while they are camping or travelling. New age projectors are multi-functional, have plug-and-play functionality, are compact and unobtrusive and they offer larger-than-life immersive entertainment at a competitive price."

About the response in India? He says, "Very well, I suppose. I can speak from my own experience and say that we arrived just at the right time in the Indian market. The premium projector market already had five to six key players but we found that there was an awareness deficit among consumers about projectors. We began bridging this information gap and initiated outreach strategies to tell people about our products and the revolutionary features they offered. Soon we were selling over 500 pieces a month so the response from the Indian consumers has been very positive. This is why we have added more experience centres in major cities and are also tying up with retail partners in Hyderabad and Gujarat."

Smart projectors can be an integral part of the gaming industry. Gamers take their gadgets very seriously and their recent affinity for projectors can be explained by the fact that they are constantly searching for increased immersiveness. "Video gaming acquires a new dimension when you project it in a larger-than-life format. New-age projectors have for sure changed gaming forever as they are more responsive. They offer stunning contrast levels, rich colours, faster refresh rates, sharper definition, improved latency and better portability than ever before at a competitive price," says Sushil.

"Our number one USP is the in-built Android TV operating system and also our Intelligent Optical Avoidance System which is in our 'Horizon' series and also in the 'Elfin' and 'Aura' projectors. This automatically eliminates any obstruction on the wall of the living room space to give you a seamless, clear and sharp image and is a first in any projector. We are also very proud of the Intelligent Screen Adaptation feature which has done away with the need to physically calibrate the screen to fit the wall as the projector automatically identifies the screen and recalibrates itself without human intervention. And of course, our personalised after-sales service takes all the stress out of maintaining devices and makes us stand apart," Sushil further adds.

Major upgrades from XGIMI are, "It has a portable 4K laser (with built-in Android TV) projector is the next segment we want to explore and of course, we are constantly researching new ways to improve our product and fine-tune specifications for functionality, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and longevity. At the strategy level, we are launching multiple smart flagship stores and kiosks in malls and our target markets will be Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and cities in Kerala," he says.

Portability is the future of projectors and this is what sets this device apart from a TV or an indoor projector that once installed cannot be moved around at will. "People want more convenience when they pay a certain amount for an improved experience. Traditional projectors are cumbersome to operate compared to portable ones that have plug-and-play simplicity and are ready for projection. The smarter projectors are undoubtedly going to take over the market," concludes Sushil.

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