Protection from unsolicited calls

Protection from unsolicited calls

Protection from unsolicited calls


Doosra app provides sim-less phone number that can be shared without worrying of unwanted calls

There is good news for mobile users specially women with the launch of Doosra, a secondary virtual mobile number, that gives the customers protection from unsolicited calls phone number abuse from telemarketers and scamsters.

By blocking all calls by default, Doosra gives complete control on who can reach and who cannot.

Doosra was born from a bitter personal experience of Aditya Vuchi, the founder, a few years ago. When he was shopping at a sporting goods store the billing clerk mandated that he share his personal mobile number for "billing" purposes. That's when he decided to bring in a facility that would protect the mobile users even after sharing their number.

With his past experience in digital marketing, he fully understood the travesty of sharing personal information with businesses and the resultant behavioural profiling that is done for advertising purposes. But this incident gave him the idea of creating a publicly-shareable mobile number that can be given at places where a person is uncomfortable sharing their personal number.

This idea of Aditya is definitely a safer and best alternative for the safety of women.

He shares, "We have partnered with telecom operators to give a 10-digit virtual mobile number to our customers. This means there is no additional SIM card or device needed to operate. After a simple sign-up on one can download the iOS or Android App and manage the call and message preferences."

As a product, Doosra is great at ensuring the safety and identity protection of everyone, especially women. As we shop online more and pay through digital channels, it is imperative that personally identifiable information is not provided to strangers.

Sharing about one of the female customers, he shares, "A female customer mentioned giving a Doosra number on OLX when she was looking to sell her sofa. She disabled the call blocker for 2 days while buyers were calling to find out more. Once the sale was done, she re-enabled the call blocker so that strangers can no longer bother her."

Launch of Doosra Pro

Since our formal launch in Sep 2020, Doosra's customers have been giving incredible feedback about what else they would like to see in the product. Take this feedback into account, they have developed Doosra Pro, a more flexible edition that allows users and small businesses to use a Doosra Number. Features include:

Official support for all messaging platforms

♦ Indefinite control of call blocker

♦ Unlimited trusted contacts

♦ Multi-device login (up to 3 devices)

e-KYC will be mandatory for you to use the Doosra Pro features. This is done to comply with the prevailing regulations. The adoption for Doosra Pro has been extremely positive and since launch, 70% of users are opting for Pro compared to the essential edition.

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