pTron Force X11 Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

pTron Force X11 Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

pTron Force X11 Review: Affordable Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch


pTron Force X11 smartwatch's most fantastic feature is Bluetooth Calling, available at just Rs 2799/-.

My cousin was impressed to see me answering the call using my smartwatch. She asked if this was from Noise? I said no, it is pTron Force X11! PTron is an Indian electronics manufacturer headquartered in Hyderabad. This smartwatch's most fantastic feature is Bluetooth Calling. It allows you to make and receive phone calls directly using the smartwatch via a built-in mic& loudspeaker.

I have been using the Force X11 for a long time and can share my view about the affordable calling smartwatch. Yes, I called it reasonable because pTron FORCE X11 Smartwatch with BT Calling is available at just Rs 2799/-. Moreover, it comes in three colours black, blue & pink.

What was in the Box?

In the box, I found the pTron Force X11 smartwatch in black colour, a magnetic charger to charge the watch, a warranty card of one year and a user guide. Next, you need to scan the codes to activate the warranty and find the operating instructions.

pTron Force X11 – Technical Specifications
Design: Stunning 1.7" touchscreen digital display
Sturdy & corrosion-resistant Zinc Alloy case, top ring & pushers
Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.0 up to 10M
Sensors: Heart Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure
Battery & Charging 3 Hrs charging for 7 days battery
USB magnetic charging
Audio & Video: Yes, with Bluetooth Calling
Sports Modes: 24H Health Monitoring (Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate)
7 Active fitness modes
Daily Activity Trackers: Pedometer, Calorie Burnt Count, Step Count, Sedentary & Hydrate Reminder, Sleep Monitor, Distance Travelled
Water Resistant: IP68
Other Functions BT Camera Remote & BT Music Player
Raise & Wake Display
Shake the Watch to Take a Picture

Design and Display

The pTron Force X11 offers a 1.7-inch touchscreen display size HD colour 2.5D curved display with Metal Alloy casing with 240 x 280 Pixels resolution. The colours on display look fabulous, and one can read the messages comfortably on the go. The brightness is also decent enough; I never had difficulty reading the messages, even outdoors.

The watch offers smooth navigation; all the apps are easy to navigate. You need to swipe down for watch settings like brightness, call connectivity, and others. Swipe up for notification alerts, swipe right for various application pages, and swipe left for the watch menu, which is displayed in honeycomb and 9 square formats. The design is functional and comfortable on the wrist for long hours.

The smartwatch comes with five default watch faces, and it allows you to download more if you like something from the available ninety-nine options. I am sharing one of the watch faces that I downloaded as I love nature; see the screenshot below.

Downloading New Watch Face

Glimpse of differen].t watch faces that are available


The pTron Force X11 connects to Android and iPhone with its compatible app Da Fit. The smartwatch offers Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity that ranges up to 10 meters and is good enough which notify you of important calls, SMS and reminders. You need not keep your mobile always with you and keep checking it all the time. Once the watch is connected to the app, you keep receiving hands-free smart notifications for incoming calls, SMS and Social media alerts. You will not miss anything.

Smartphone connected to pTron Audio


This smartwatch from pTron comes with dual pin USB magnetic charging. With just 3 Hrs of charging, the watch got fully charged from 0% to 100% and got an extended battery life of almost seven days. So force X11 will outlast any activity you do during the day and still track your sleep at night. Remember that the battery power will depend on how much you use the Bluetooth calling feature.

Calling Features

The feature that I admire the most of the pTron Force X11 is its calling feature via an inbuilt microphone and an inbuilt speaker. When we click on the Call icon on the smartwatch, we see three options: Call History, Dial Pad, and Contact options. pTron Force X11 has gone a step further by adding a dial-pad which helps to call any number without using your phone. The number dialled from the smartphone connected to the watch in real-time enables you to make calls by dialling the number without saving in smartwatch contacts.

pTron Phone call option has three options call history, dial pad and contact

The Call History option displays the last four dialled numbers from the phone and smartwatch. This helps in dialling back the unsaved number as well. The UI of the smartwatch offers the option to reject, accept a call, and adjust the volume of its speakers on the display when someone calls on your paired smartphone from the watch.

From the Da Fit app, you can add up to eight contacts of yours that get saved on your smartwatch and allows you to make calls directly after pairing with your smartphone without touching your mobile.Da Fit App

Da Fit App

We can pair pTron Force X11 with Android and iOS devices with its accustomed app called 'Da Fit'. With the help of this app, we can get detailed data about the watch's features like steps, sleep, heart rate, continuous heart rate, BP, blood oxygen and outdoor running. In addition, the app offers detailed information about each feature.

Da Fit app gives details data of steps, sleep, heart rate, BP, and more

The Steps can be tracked on a daily to monthly basis. You even get the data to compare with other female users in the same age group.

Da Fit app offers detailed data on your sleep and provision to compare with people of your age group.

The Sleep feature also provides the date on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It also monitors how much time your sleep was Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Rapid Eye Movement and Awake. It shows the sleep ratio in a pie chart. You get to see the sleep quality score as well. We can check the sleep trends for the last seven days. This feature also offers data to compare your sleep with other female users, like how many percent of people slept early, how many percent of people got up early, and how many percent of people slept less.

The heart rate feature helps you measure your heart rate and gives you the last seven times data. This heart rate data analysis varies between 60 and 100 BPM. The continuous heart rate feature helps you with your heart rate's daily, weekly, and monthly data. Similarly, you get the blood pressure and blood oxygen data for the last seven-time trends.

The pTron Force X11 is comfy to wear and has a good deal size with a colossal display. In addition, the smartwatch is robust, UI is intuitive to use, and the fonts look impressive for its cost.

Health Features

SpO2 Monitor: The smartwatch can measure the blood oxygen level within seconds.

Blood Pressure Monitor: We can monitor our blood pressure regularly, get accurate results in a short time, and track the details in the application.

Heart Rate Monitor: It monitors our heart rate accurately, we can wear it all day long and monitor heart rate continuously, but this can drain the battery quickly.

Sleep Monitoring: If you wear your smartwatch while sleeping, it will give the number of hours you have slept on the watch screen and in the Da Fit app.

Breathe Training: We can use the smartwatch to monitor breathing rate by following the breathing pattern and reducing stress.

Health Features in pTron Force X11 smartwatch

Other Features

pTron Force X11 is sweat and water-resistant with an IP68 rating. You can keep it wearing during your swimming and other physical training sessions. You need not worry about any damage to your smartwatch.

Find Device: This option helps you find out your watch if you misplace it.

Reminder to Move: The smartwatch also reminds us to move after fixed time intervals.

Drink Water Reminders: The work as a reminder to drink water after regular intervals, which we need to set in the Da Fit app.

Torch: There is a torch option that is bright enough in a dark room to find something you are looking for without disturbing anyone.

Countdown: The countdown option is also there, with eight time options varying from 1 minute to 2 hours.

Stopwatch: The stopwatch option and alarm option is also available. You can set the alarms from the app as well as the smartwatch.

Other Features in pTron Force X11 smartwatch

Weather: This option offers you details of the temperature of your city in degrees Celcius.

Physiological Cycle Reminder: This option helps you to track your periods. It stores the details of cycle days, menstrual days, last menstrual start date. You can select reminder mode when you want the app to remind you. There are four options available Menstrual Reminder, Ovulation Reminder, Ovulation Day Reminder and Reminder at the end of Ovulation. You can enable whichever option you want to track. I liked this option a lot as it can remind me about my upcoming periods and plan my calendar.

BT Camera Remote: You can even click pictures from your smartwatch. After selecting the shutter option in the Da Fit app, you have to move your wrist to click the picture.

BT Music Player: You can select to listen to the music on the pTron watch and your smartphone.

Areas to improve

The step counter and sleep monitor could have been more accurate. I found the readings were often different by 40-50 steps; the moment I woke up, it showed me I walked 45 steps. After having a good sleep, it showed that I slept deep sleep only for 1 hour, which I found very strange.


The pTron Force X11 offers a complete package of features for its affordable price of Rs 2,799. This is a robust smartwatch with impressive looks that offers good battery life and comes with an easy-to-use app that can be used regularly. It is a good option if you're looking for an affordable smartwatch with Bluetooth calling. pTron Force X11 is stylish, with good performance, connectivity and innovative features.

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