Wealth Management Platforms partner with smallcase Gateway to enable Stock & ETF transactions

Wealth Management Platforms partner with smallcase Gateway to enable Stock & ETF transactions

Wealth Management Platforms partner with smallcase Gateway to enable Stock & ETF transactions


Jarvis Invest, Clovek Wealth and ET Money are providing an integrated transaction & tracking experience for their clients.

Digital advisory platforms Jarvis Invest, Clovek Wealth and ET Money have partnered with smallcase Gateway to enable order execution for stock & ETF portfolios natively on their platform. Platforms will be able to offer an integrated transaction and tracking experience to their clients. As asset allocation portfolios gather more momentum within the advisory domain, this will help users take a balanced approach towards investing by allowing exposure to different asset classes across gold, debt & equity via ETFs.

With significant growth in Demat accounts from 39.5 million in January 2020 to 77.2 million in November 2021, digital advisory platforms have started to create portfolios targeted towards Demat account holders based on their risk appetite.

ET Money has expanded its offerings to include direct equity portfolios based on users' risk appetite. ET Money Genius is a subscription service that provides multi-asset investment strategies. It runs on quant-based proprietary models which proactively and dynamically allocate the investment across different asset classes (including debt, gold & equity ETFs along with stocks). The allocations are decided after computing the relative impact of various influencing factors like interest rate in the economy, inflation, changes in interest rates, equity valuations and market trends. Users will need to complete a detailed investor personality assessment for computing their risk appetite, including questions around market awareness, ability to handle drawdowns, etc.

Mukesh Kalra, Founder & CEO, ET Money said, "India has seen unprecedented interest in the capital markets recently. However, how to go about constructing portfolios without deviating from the ideal asset allocation based on one's risk appetite & investor personality, has remained elusive. The traditional brokerage business models are focused on becoming better brokerages and leaving investing decisions to investors. We see a white space to bridge investors, brokers and wealth advisors like us and create the right investing outcomes with the investment intelligence of ET Money Genius. We hope to enable investors to upgrade from trading in the volatile world of stock investing to creating personalized goal-based stocks & ETF portfolios and have them executed seamlessly via smallcase and investors' preferred broker."

Similarly, Jarvis Invest leverages AI-based equity models with an in-built risk assessment to create personalised portfolios for their clients, whereas Clovek Wealth, a full-stack financial planning platform has also created model portfolios in the form of smallcase and will utilize Gateway to power transactions on its platform.

Commenting on the recent partnerships, Vasanth Kamath, Founder and CEO, smallcase said, "Over the last 2 years, we have seen rapid growth in the number of new Demat accounts opened with our brokerage partners. A significant majority of these accounts are coming from first-time investors who will need guidance and handholding to navigate the vagaries of the equity markets. We are excited to see platforms like ETMoney building on top of the smallcase Gateway to launch their Genius offering which is a much-required solution for these new-to-market users."

50+ digital platforms have embedded the Gateway for enabling transactions for different use-cases. Using the smallcase Gateway, any digital platform can create a native investment experience for their clients and partners across stock & ETF transactions, model portfolio (smallcases) discovery, tracking and transactions, with integrations possible in just a couple of weeks.

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