WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp group expiration feature

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp group expiration feature

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp group expiration feature


WhatsApp will bring a new feature that will help you declutter and save space in the app by setting an expiration date.

We always create or be part of a WhatsApp group started for events like a farewell party plan, a wedding, or to discuss a specific event. However, after the event ends, the group is useless, but we are still added to it until the admin or you delete the group yourself. These groups add one more conversation to your chat list and fill up storage. Now, WhatsApp is working on a new tool that will allow us to set an expiration date for such groups.

According to Wabetainfo, a site that tracks the latest WhatsApp developments, the platform is currently working on the expiring group's feature, which will act as an additional tool to save internal storage. As the name suggests, this new feature will let users set an expiration date for groups. When the expiration date is reached, WhatsApp will prompt users to delete the group.

How WhatsApp group expiration feature work

The new expiration group option will be visible in the WhatsApp group information. Users can select the expiration date for the groups and set custom dates, either one day, one week or after one month. WhatsApp will also allow users to remove a previously set expiration date or change the date based on their preferences. Once the group reaches its expiration date, users will be notified to delete the group.

While this feature won't delete groups automatically, it will be useful for users to help them keep track of groups that are no longer in use or groups they don't want to be a part of after a certain amount of time. With this feature, users can also clean up their WhatsApp space, which is often cluttered with unnecessary groups that are not even active after a certain amount of time. The expiring group feature will provide a solution to WhatsApp users to manage groups and save internet storage.

The feature to set the expiration date for WhatsApp groups is under development and will be released in future app updates. Furthermore, WhatsApp is also working on other updates and features for the upcoming app updates. Reports suggest that WhatsApp will soon allow users to edit a sent message. Like the feature available in Telegram and iMessage, the latest feature will help users to edit any message sent in the chat if they want to edit or add something to the message without deleting the entire message. Once again, the features are reported to be in development, and WhatsApp is expected to officially announce them in future app updates.

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