WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp to Add Favourites Tab for Efficient Chat Management

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp to Add Favourites Tab for Efficient Chat Management

WhatsApp is developing a favourites tab for chats and a faster response feature for status updates, enhancing user connectivity.

WhatsApp is continuously striving to enrich user connectivity by introducing new features. Recent reports suggest that the messaging platform is in the process of developing enhancements aimed at facilitating easier interaction with family and friends. According to WA Beta Info, a trusted source for WhatsApp updates, the Meta-owned platform is gearing up to introduce a favourites tab for chats and a feature enabling faster responses to status updates.

Favourites Tab for Efficient Chat Management

As per WA Beta Info's findings from the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, the messaging app is in the pipeline to unveil a new feature for managing favourites. Through this feature, users can add, rearrange, and remove their preferred contacts and groups directly within the app's settings. This forthcoming update aims to streamline the user experience by providing a convenient method to access and organize favourite contacts and groups from the calls tab. Significantly, marking contacts or groups as favourites will not trigger any notifications.

Furthermore, previous reports hinted at WhatsApp's efforts to introduce a feature that enables users to filter chats and facilitates easier message sorting.

Quick Response Feature for Status Updates

Another revelation by WA Beta Info suggests that WhatsApp is experimenting with a feature designed to expedite responses to status updates. This upcoming feature will allow users to swiftly react to status updates, enabling them to express their sentiments towards content posted by others. These reactions will be visible directly on the status screen, avoiding clutter within conversation threads. This departure from the current functionality aims to maintain clean conversations while ensuring seamless engagement with status updates.

Although WA Beta Info is a reputable source, it's essential to approach information about upcoming updates cautiously, as WhatsApp has not officially announced these features. Therefore, users should await confirmation from the messaging platform regarding the introduction of these enhancements.

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