BRS to repeat history in Karimnagar: Vinod Kumar

BRS to repeat history in Karimnagar: Vinod Kumar

In an exclusive interview with the Hans India, BRS candidate Vinod Kumar asserts that his past works will help him romp home successfully with a big majority

Q: Who are your main competitors in this election?

A:Despite the three-sided competition, success belongs to BRS, the development work done by me in the past will create history in Karimnagar, by winning BRS in the Lok Sabha elections.

Q: BJP candidate Bandi Sanjay Kumar says he developed the constituency with Rs 12,000 crore in five years. What do you think about this?

A:Sanjay’s calculations are ridiculous. As per law, the Centre must give some funds to whoever becomes the MP. The Centre brought this law in 2005 itself. Examples of this are employment guarantee scheme and allocation of funds to panchayats. Sanjay says that he himself brought these funds as an MP. He never spoke about national projects that should come to the state or education institutions in Parliament. He didn’t at least try to resist when IIIT went to other States and failed to bring a Navodaya school. It is a shame to claim that he brought brought Vaikunta Dhamas, plantations, 14th and 15th Financial Commission funds, garbage collection, milk and eggs too.

Q; At present the Congress party is in power and they say that six guarantees will help them win?

A:There is no effect of six guarantees, A they have deceived the people with all the false promises and they have come to power. Now people are not in a position to believe.

Q: Describe the development work you have done.

A:I have developed a lot in the past when I was an MP. The works of Smart City, Railway Line, National Highways, Manoharabad-Kottapalli Railway Line are going on fast. Between Siddipet and Sircilla the work is progressing rapidly. Currently the train is running till Siddipet. I have established Ambedkar study circle in Karimnagar. It is special that this is the first study circle in Telangana.

As an MP, I brought Rs 1,000 crore for the development of Karimnagar. Road, sports complex, rain water drains, smart class rooms, development of this library, signal system of intersections, development work has been undertaken, set up highest number of Dhobi Ghats. So far I have done Rs 700 crore development work. Rs 300 crores of work still to be done and in addition to this I have worked hard for the construction of Cable Bridge with the aim of making Manair River Front a tourist destination.

Q: At present BRS is facing some adverse conditions and how will you turn it into an opportunity?

A:Congress came to power by telling lies, in four months people have noticed all the facts and they are always on our side.

Q: If you win as MP what kind of development work will you do?

A:Will set up a skill development centre in Karimnagar. I have personally seen a centre with 150 trades in Singapore, Singapore has a world reputation as an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and similar efforts will be made in Karimnagar and efforts will be made to develop Karimnagar as an education hub and bring central educational institutions like ISR, IIM, IIT.

If I win, I will get triple IT and will get Navodaya schools. Efforts will be made for setting up food processing units in Sircilla and Karimnagar areas. We will set up ginning mills and textile industries in Rajanna Siriclla district. Temples like Vemulawada and Kondagattu will be included in the Prasad scheme and developed. Efforts will be made to convert Rajiv Rahadari into National Express Highway with special focus on Kazipet-Karimnagar, Karimnagar-Pitlam, Karimnagar-Bhupalapally, Karimnagar-Rayapatnam roads. Kothapally-Manoharabad railway line will be completed.

Q. What do you want to tell the voters of Karimnagar constituency?

A:I have been in student politics since childhood and came from a Left-wing political background. I am a founder of BRS which was formed for Telangana. For Telangana, I have dedicated my life since 2001 and strived for the welfare of Telangana. If I win the election, Karimnagar parliamentary constituency will be developed rapidly.

Q: Why are you telling people to vote for you?

A:Both the BJP and the Congress, which claim to be national parties, are anti-people parties. The parties are not sincere towards solving the basic problems of the people of the country. Within a very short time after the formation of the state BRS has put Telangana at the top in the country with its revolutionary decisions to solve many basic problems starting from drinking water and irrigation problems in the state. People know this.

I appeal to the people of Karimnagar Parliamentary Constituency to think and vote as they realised what they lost within four months of the Congress party coming to power.

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