Congress has bloody relationship with Telangana, charges Kishan Reddy

G Kishan Reddy

G Kishan Reddy(File Photo)


Appeals people to think before voting; not let sacrifices made for T go waste

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP chief and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy, reacting to the Congress party's claim that it has a blood relationship with Telangana, quipped on Tuesday, "yes, it has a bloody relationship with Telangana."

Addressing the media on the closing day of electioneering here, he said, it was under the Congress regime that 365 innocent students were shot dead during the first phase of the separatist agitation;1,200 died in the second phase.

Listing how Telangana was discriminated against during the Congress regime with the MIM joining hands to commit communal riots in the united AP, and the BRS ‘misrule’ in 10 years, he said, "all the three dynastic parties have let own Telangana and its people."

Reddy appealed to people in general, and BCs, SCs, STs, women and unemployed in particular, to introspect before voting. He asked people to reflect how the anti-democratic, family-run and corrupt practices have ruined Telangana, ruined self-respect of people and belittled aspirations of martyrs.

He alleged that the Congress and the BRS tried to spin conspiracies and unleashed venomous campaigns against the BJP. However, people repelled it and extending support across the State; the party graph is surging, Reddy claimed.

‘People's response to PM Modi's public meetings and roadshows in Hyderabad was unprecedented. The meetings of national leaders like party chief JP Nadda, Home Minister Amit Shah were received with great enthusiasm. People have been identifying BJP as A team of Telangana which is committed to working for Staste interests and development, ending corruption and delivering social justice.

He expressed confidence of a silent revolt underway in Telangana; it would bring the party to power. Asking Rahul and Priyanka to know party’s history before stating that the Majlis works for the BJP, Reddy said "Congress which divided the country joining hands with the Muslim League of Jinnah, handed over the Razakar headquarters to the MIM; former PM Indra Gandhi visited the place. It was Congress which sustained the Majlis growth"

He alleged that ‘family’ parties kneeled before the MIM; the Majlis called shots in appointments and transfers of the police, revenue and other officials, including influencing postings of the Commissioner of Police. ‘Both the Congress and BRS have been mute spectators to the Majlis rowdism, while the BJP has been fighting with it.

Explaining the State’s precarious financial situation burdened with mounting debt, he said Telangana is in distress and crisis and not able to pay salaries to employees on time; find it tough to run day-to-day activities. To save T and its future, he asked people to bless the party, assuring it would implement the manifesto, making BC CM, deliver social justice to the Madigas and employment and livelihood for unemployed.

In an ‘open’ letter to people, Reddy asked them not to let go of ideals, aspirations and objectives of the decades-long separatist movement and sacrifices made to achieve it.

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