Covid-19: There Is A Rapid Growth In The Positive Cases In The State

Coronavirus Update in Telangana

Coronavirus Update in Telangana


The corona second wave is spreading terribly in Telangana.

The corona second wave is spreading terribly in Telangana. Concerns have been raised that the number of cases has been declining day by day for the past six months. With the opening of schools, colleges and theatres, the epidemic is unfolding again as people are not following the corona precautions. The virus is spreading to many states including Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. It is also showing pride in Telangana.

Heavy cases are being registered in educational institutions and hostels. The Department of Medical Health estimates that 700 students have been attacked with the virus so far. In addition, the general public is infected with the virus. This time, however, most people infected with the virus are not showing any minimal symptoms. The virus is thought to be weakened. Spreading rapidly from one to another unknowingly.

Meanwhile, the medical health ministry has proposed to the government to close schools and hostels in the wake of rising corona cases and restrict children to their homes until normalcy prevails. It seems that one has asked to stop classes from class one to class ten. The government is likely to take a policy decision in two to three days.

On the other hand, Medical and Health Minister Eatala Rajender advised the people not to come out unless it is an emergency. The state, however, says Corona is still in custody. He said the government was on high alert as corona cases were on the rise in neighbouring states. Similarly, the concerned authorities were directed to take measures for the corona building and increase the number of RTPCR tests.

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