Different expressions

Paintings and sculptures by 22 artists will be on display as a part of the exhibition titled "12x12" at Pegasus Art Gallery.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Anju Poddar at 6pm today,and the works will be on display till April 15.

12x12 painting is way of presentation of paintings in a different format.

The challenge of this format is to capture a whole lot in a physically limiting space condensing an artist's visual expression to a statement of utmost importance.

Different expressions myriad colours, creative forms have forced their place in their paintings and sculptures, says curator, artist Chandana Khan.

Artists like Abhishek Mitnasala, Amita Goswami, Annapurna Yeluripaty, Archana Rajguru, Ashwin Macwan, Bijaybiswal, B.Srinivas Reddy, Chandana Khan, Chandra Mohan A, Debabrata Biswas, Madhu Kuruva, Nabanita Ray, Parikshit Baruah, Rajendra Ray, Ramesh Sunkoju, Sasanka Ghosh and others will display 44 art works in the exhibition.

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