Hyderabad: Down syndrome cases on the rise

Hyderabad: Down syndrome cases on the rise

Every year, there is an increase of around 5% cases of Down syndrome in India

Hyderabad: Every year more than 23,000 children in India are affected with Down syndrome. Patients with Down syndrome suffer from mental disorder and low IQ levels. Around 98 per cent of children with Down syndrome do not have access to proper education and the survival rate is only 44 % for those with congenital heart disease.

According to PharmEasy.com, the number of children with Down syndrome is alarming with little open dialogue on this topic in India. In India it continues to be fatal due to low awareness.

Speaking to THI, Afshan Jabeen, Clinical Psychologist and Dyslexia therapist, Ripples Center for Enhanced Learning, Mehdipatnam, said, "There is speech therapy and special education, but we cannot term it as a treatment. The most important part is the management of Down syndrome and early detention. Every child needs a different type of training and education depending on the ability of the child. Early detection will help the special educators or trainers to understand what type of education is required for them."

70 per cent of patients with Down syndrome will have mental disorder and a few will have low IQ. The muscle formation these children are very weak. So, they need right physiotherapy sessions as per the needs of the patients.

According to psychologists, the cases of Down syndrome in India increase around 5 per cent every year. The Down syndrome affects patients at the time of conception in the womb. Of all mental disorder cases, persons with Down syndrome comprise 60 per cent.

Dr Purnima Nagaraja, a mental health professional, Dhrithi Wellness clinic, Banjara Hills, said, "Down syndrome is a lifelong condition. Treatment early in life will often help babies and children with Down syndrome to improve their physical and intellectual abilities. Most of these services focus on helping children with Down syndrome develop to their full potential."

Children with Down syndrome often meet age-related milestones. However, they may learn more slowly than other children. School is an important part of the life of a child with Down syndrome, regardless of intellectual ability. Schooling allows for valuable socialisation and helps students with Down syndrome build important life skills.

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