Hyderabad: Vaccination at 96% in government hospitals

Vaccination at 96% in government hospitals

Vaccination at 96% in government hospitals


  • Share of vax in private establishments drops by 2% 92
  • People preferring pvthospitals due to better facilities
  • No technical issues crop up at Co-Win portal

Koti: The percentage of Covid vaccination in government hospitals went high on the third day on Wednesday recording 96 per cent, while it was only 74 on March 2. The percentage in private hospitals dropped by two, as against 94 on Tuesday.

As many as 7,203 persons of the registered 7,526 were vaccinated at government Centres, while 8,271 of 8,963 were given the jab in private hospitals, according to data provided by the State government. The number of facilitation centres also increased on Wednesday

The government centres were increased to 171, whereas it was 63 on Tuesday. The number of private centres rose to 121 from 72. No complaints about technical issues were received from the Co-Win portal during the day. The hospitals provided the dose to only those with registration. Those who walked in were not given the dose.

Citizens on Tuesday preferred private hospitals over government establishments to get the jab, with their share reaching 94, while the government hospitals recorded 74. The Hans India tried to find out why people are choosing private hospitals and what is attracting them to get vaccinated there. Everyone had the same answer---"we trust private hospitals more. We get better facilities there compared to government hospitals. Neatness also matters to be healthy. We are very much aware of neatness in government hospitals. No need to mention that'', said, Prasad Rao, who got a dose of the vaccine at Prathima Hospital.

Another beneficiary, Kondal Rao, who was vaccinated in KIMS said "we are all aware how the government sectors work. It's not just about Hospitals. All sectors are same. Most people choose private schools for their children because of quality. I personally feel that government employees don't work as responsibly and carefully as private hospital staff do. We pay at a private hospital and they take care of us."

"Online registration took me to a private hospital. I am unable to register myself for vaccination, but I want to get the dose. When I contacted a government hospital and requested for registration it refused and the staff replied 'we are not allowed to do that,' where as a private hospital helped and registered me for vaccination over phone. These kinds of services we don't find at government hospitals," said one Pushpa.

The private hospitals are registering elderly persons on phones or at hospitals, as it is not difficult to enter the mobile or Aadhar number in Co-Win website. Many elderly are not familiar with computers or smart phones. We have separate staff for that purpose, said Shashank, a vaccine co-coordinator, Prathima Hospital, Kukatpally.

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