Purr-Fect Buddies At Home

More and more people taking to caring for cats to take them off stress, loneliness

More and more people taking to caring for cats to take them off stress, loneliness


More and more people taking to caring for cats to take them off stress, loneliness

Abids: Cats make for amazing pets. Just watching them makes may feel happy. Ask people caring for cats, they will vouch for their beauty, amiability, playfulness and, of course, purring.

Also, these pets come much cheaper than dogs and far easier to take care of. The people cannot just pour out enough on why they like cats so MUCH! Rapid rise in apartment culture too sees their adoption rates surge in urban areas.

Ailurophiles in city – cat lovers – of late are seen taking a fancy to fur babes from exotic lands. And, they are not merely looking for a lovely kitten, but one of top breeds. Persian breed is especially enticing the city elite.

There are a variety of breeds to choose from pet stores, including doll face, normal face, punch face, extreme punch face, long tail etc. Bengal cat, Turkish Angora, Savannah, Bombay and Himalayan cats are some names also considered premium which are available in the City.

According to the pet sellers, there are around 8 breeds which usually the Hyderabadis prefer to pet as a cat. "Girls especially prefer to have a Persian. These cats are hairy with long tails, and sweet faces. There is a high demand for doll-faced Persian cats of white, golden and brown. Black is one of the rarest," says Mohammed Khaleel, an owner of a pet store.

Imported cats have a high price tag, but one can purchase sub breeds at a lower price. The common Persian cats are available at a starting price of Rs 5,000, depending on breed, face and tail.

The doll faced cat is one of the premium cats whose prices are in thousands of rupees. Bengal, Savannah, Himalayan breeds are one of the premium range cats which are available for lakhs of rupees.

"Sales have increased but the imports of cats fell in Covid times. These we usually get from the Middle-east," says another seller.

Cat lovers feel that these are small animals and they need less space. Cats are loving, and bonding with cats takes away all the stress. "I have been a pet lover since childhood. Presently, I have 2 doll-faced Persian kittens of creamy brown and one punch face white Persian cat. After a long dayout, when you are home, you have someone running around and waiting to be cuddled.

It makes you feel good instantly," said Nida Subohie, a Psychology student. Cats provide social and emotional support for people. Stress and negativity will just disappear in the presence of pets. They help one to de-stress easily, she adds. "I have a creamy brown kitten and I carry it with me in a basket when I go out.

Kitten is my baby. Most of them say if a cat crosses your path, it's a bad omen. This is not true. I am always happy," said Divya Khatri, another cat lover.

"A cat drinks a lot of water, but milk rarely. Persian cats need to be pampered, which include regular baths to stay clean and sweet smelling.

I feel energetic and happy because of my cat. It is in our blood to care for pets, we eat and sleep with them," explains Urooj Fatima how she cares about black coloured Persian cat.

Persian cats are usually of high maintenance. They feed on dry fruits, jelly food and require a cool environment (prefer with an AC). "These cats should not be fed homemade food, instead should be feed only cat food including wet and dry foods like gravy of chicken and fish, snacks, chocolates, creamy treats, jellies etc.," said Hanna Musleh, who owns 6 Persian cats.

She says they have separate body grooming products; they need regular grooming with shampoo and conditioner other grooming products and above all, these cats litter only in litter sand.

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