Sircilla: 'Work hard for BRS's victory in next polls'

Sircilla: Work hard for BRSs victory in next polls

Minister KT Rama Rao speaking at BRS plenary in Sircilla on Tuesday


BRS working president KT Rama Rao attends Sircilla Constituency level plenary and Avirbhava Sabha, unfurls party flag and pays tributes to the Martyrs’ Stupa

Sircilla : BRS Party working president KT Rama Rao attended the Sircilla Constituency level plenary and party Avirbhava Sabha, unfurled the party flag and paid tributes to the Martyrs' Stupa here on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion, the IT and Industries Minister said the BRS party is 22 years old and going to step in at the age of 23. In 2001, KCR was the MLA of Siddipet when he started his party and took the Telangana slogan which Prof Jayashankar said in 1969. The movement started in Khammam. After 30 years, the movement has started again under the leadership of KCR.

The Minister said that CM KCR had asked the people to stone him to deathif he failed to achieve Telangana State. Rama Rao said that it was a fortunate thing to work under the leadership of KCR and that former President Pranab Mukherjee had spoken highly of K Chandrashekhar Rao.

Rama Rao said when he won the MLA election in 2009, he went around the ministers a lot for Rs 50 lakh for roads. Now with Rs 400 crore, the work owner scheme was introduced for weavers like no other in the country.Once there was a lot of struggle has to be made to establish a single degree college. Now Sircilla got a medical college, an engineering college, an agricultural college and a nursing college. The BRS government developed Sircilla a lot in 9 years, the Minister said.

Once upon a time there were a few model villages like Ankapur and GangadeviPalli, but recently Telangana state won 30 percent of the awards at national level for best villages and many model villages have been developed in Sircilla district, he noted.

BRS has changed only in name but its DNA has not changed. The Minister said that Narendra Modi became PM saying from 2010 to 2014 there was a development that did not happen in the past in Gujarat. Narendra Modi who came to power in 2014 did not care about the farmers. Farmers in Maharashtra are with KCR.

KCR went into national leadership for the sake of historical inevitability. Congress and BJP would be rejected by the people. The government has developed 3,146 Thandas as Gram Panchayats. All sects, all castes, all religions are happy with KCR.

Everyone was happy because the State secretariat was named after Ambedkar. This is an election year everyone must be alert and work hard to win the elections. The BRS should win Karimnagar Parliament seat this time along with Sircilla seat with majority, Rama Rao said.

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