Telangana: Tourism potential ignored

Golconda fort

Golconda fort


Telangana has great potential for tourism

Telangana has great potential fortourism. But unfortunately the policy makers do not look beyond Charminar, Faluknama, Taramati Baradari, Golconda fort etc.

Within a radius of 100 to 150 kms in and around Hyderabad there are many unexplored places which can be developed into beautiful places for one or two day hangout and can be major attraction for domestic tourists and if properly planned can even attract tourists from abroad. Rural tourism promoting local arts and culture, handicrafts can be developed. This would help in creating huge direct and indirect employment.

For example, Pocharam lake, the backwater area of Manjira River in Medak district which is 106 kms from Hyderabad is a lovely place but if one goes there it looks like a grave yard. There is no greenery, no proper roads, no place to sit and even a toilet does not exist there. Nothing is available for the tourists who would like to go for an outing. The road from Hyderabad via Narsapur is bad. There is huge forest area en-route to Pocharam where Leopard, Bear and Deer parks are there but again hardly anyone knows about them and no facilities like jungle safari is available.

Anantagiri which is about 75 kms from Hyderabad has beautiful greenery, good road connectivity but is like a haunted place with no facilities for the visitors.

There are many water falls in the state and hilly areas which if developed can become major revenue generating tourist hubs. But the government has been ignoring this sector. The very fact that it had released only Rs 7.35 crore out of Rs 250 crore allocated in the budget 2020-21 speaks volumes. It's time to focus on growth engines in a focused and serious manner.

Pocharam lake

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