The government has to clear the confusion

The government has to clear the confusion

The district farmers are really in a confused state of mind to utilise Nano urea.

Gadwal: The district farmers are really in a confused state of mind to utilise Nano urea.

The Central Government has taken a decision to notify nano urea usage for three years.Nano urea a game changer for the Indian farmers.Urea is a chemical formula of nitrogen fertilizer.It is an artificial source of nitrogen, a and key nutrient needed by plants.

Nano urea is a urea in the form of Nano particles and has been developed to increase crop productivity , and decrease soil,water and air pollution and reduce the burden of urea subsidy.And reduce the un balanced and indiscriminate use of conventional urea.It is a sustainable option for farmers to practice smart agriculture and combat climate change.

Why does the Indian farmers use liquid Nano urea???

Due to multiple inefficiencies in the urea sector there are persistent mismatches between demand and supply in the market for urea.

The cost of production of traditional regular urea has substantially increased .A bag of 50 kg urea is sold at 266 rupees while the production cost stands at 3750 rupees for 50 kg bag.With the government bearing subsidy bill of 3484 per bag.In comparison nano urea battle is sold at 240 rupees for 500ml .

According to a recent economic survey the country's annual urea demand is approximately 30 million tonnes while the domestic production is about 22 million tonnes.

The field demonstration has proved that a 500 ml nano urea bottle can replace one bag of conventional urea as it has 40000 ppm of nitrogen equals to one bag of conventional urea.

One bag of conventional urea costs 267 rupees where the nano urea is costs 240 rupees.

But some experts say that this product is un scientific and dis abled according to Dr SK Tomar a retired professor from the Sk Choudary Hari Charan Singh Haryana Agriculture University said that theis product is scientifically ineffective compared to traditional urea .He also warned that it would be poes to a big threat to India's food security.

He pointed out the lack of 36 trial documentation of the efficacy of nano urea.Tomar said that atleast a three years of tests are required to come to a final although many agronomists against this proposal ,some of them are not coming forward to express their views . Specialists say in this regard they suggest that Modi government should respect the opinions of experts and scientists.

But farmers say that the agriculture scientists,and experts should make many more field testings and create awareness about the usage of Nano urea .

The state government should take a special plan of action against the controversy of the issue.

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