This Diwali, more than 100 rush to hospitals with firecracker injuries

This Diwali, more than 100 rush to hospitals with firecracker injuries

The festival of lights, Diwali, has brought joy to many, but it has become a reason for sorrow for those who are not careful while bursting crackers. Every year, scores of people suffer eye injuries-- many with severe complications. Some are on the verge of losing eyesight. Many also suffer from hearing ailments

Hyderabad: Firecracker injuries during Diwali landed more than 100 persons including small children in various hospitals in twin-cities. While the majority of them suffered eye-injuries, cases of burn injuries to hands, legs, face and even hearing ailments were reported.

Osmania hospital got 15 burn injury-related patients on Monday. According to doctors, most of them were inflicted with less than five per cent burns. Since the health condition was not worrisome, they were treated as out-patients and advised medication.

The other major State hospital in the city Gandhi witnessed some patients with burn injuries as well. Of them, seven were found to have suffered minor to major injuries.

While five patients were treated and given medication, two others (women) were admitted with 40 per cent and 90 per cent burns respectively.

According to doctors, one of the women was lighting diyas when she caught fire and received 40 per cent injuries. The other woman with 90 per cent burns was unconscious and doctors were not sure of the reason for burn injuries as yet.

Sarojini Devi and LV Prasad Eye hospital were thronged by several patients who suffered burn injuries during Diwali festival. On the festival day and up to 9 am on Monday, 44 patients visited Sarojini Eye hospital.

Of them, 37 were treated as out-patients while seven were admitted as in-patients. On Monday, also 14 patients got registrations done in the hospital for cracker injuries. Of them, two were admitted as in-patients while 12 were given medication and allowed to go home.

LV Prasad hospital, the other noted hospital for eye-care in the twin-cities was also visited by more than 30 patients with eye-injuries. According to doctors, during every Diwali, they receive patients with eye injuries suffered due to cracker burst.

The doctors said eye injuries can range from mild burns in the skin, eyelashes, to more serious ones like damage to the cornea (front portion of our eye), bleeding inside the eye, tear and detachment of the retina, injury to the optic nerve, etc.

Not just eye injuries, the loud sound of crackers cause hearing ailments also when proper care is not taken. Nearly 10 patients visited ENT Hospital, Koti due to hearing-related problems. They were evaluated by doctors and no major problem was found.

However, all the ten patients, who were more than 15 years of age and young adults, were prescribed medicines and allowed to go home.

According to doctors, a safe 4-metre distance must be maintained from the cracker, but many ignore this and pay the price sometimes.

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