TS IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan launches ROBOTHON Logo

TS IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan launches ROBOTHON Logo

Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) in association with Government of Telangana has announced another prestigious project named ‘ROBOTHON’.

Hyderabad: Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) in association with Government of Telangana has announced another prestigious project named 'ROBOTHON'.

Telangana State IT & Industries Secretary Jayesh Ranjan launched the Robothon logo on Monday. TITA targets to impart the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics skill to 10,000 people in all 33 districts of Telangana through Robothon boot camps.

Grand Finale event #Robothon2020 will be organized on the occasion of National Science Day - 28th February 2020. Jayesh Ranjan appealed student community especially from rural Telangana to participate in Robothon and come-up with the solutions for local challenges. He reminded that the Telangana Government has the announced the year 2020 as Artificial Intelligence year. He appreciated TITA and said that the association is striving to keep Telangana atop in digital literacy and encouraging innovators across the state.

TITA Digithon is conducting 'mass digital literacy' programs incessantly for the last five years. It inked MoU with the Government of Telangana in 2015 and a total of 10,000 volunteers were trained and certified as Digithon Digital Teachers. With 10K Digithon Campaign in 2016, 15000+ citizens in Telangana were imparted with digital literacy. In 2017 with 100K Digithon campaign, it has broken its own record by imparting digital literacy to 1.83 lakh citizens in Telangana. In 2018, TITA has conducted hackathon where 10,000+ people participated from all districts of Telangana State and pitched 2,500+ ideas.

Starting from December 10th, Robothon Boot Camps will be conducted in all the 33 districts of Telangana state with the target of 304 participants and 76 teams per district. Participants will be given 8hours hands-on Training, robotics guide and a participation certificate in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. In this boot camp, they will learn programming on Arduino boards and other robotic components. Obstacle avoider, line follower, wall follower, home automation, voice-based rover, automatic bike lock with voice command projects will be taught in the boot camp. Post boot camp, participants will be given problem statements for which they need to submit IDEA/PRESENTATION/CODE to [email protected] before 10th February.

Seven teams from each district will be selected for Robothon Grand Finale. 231 teams from all the districts will compete in #Robothon2020 and Top 3 teams will be announced as the winners by Jury. Robothon team announced up to 1lakh cash prizes and an International Robotics Tour for winners. A nominal registration fee of INR 399 will be charged to participate in this event. Prestigious 'TITA Robotics & Automation Enabled Institution' recognition will be given to the School/College/University which hosts Robothon boot camp with at least 76 participants from the same institution. Investors and venture capitalists to witness #Robothon2020 event.

TITA Global President and Robothon Brand Owner Sundeep Kumar Makthala said anyone above 12 years of age can register through bit.ly/robothon2020 and participate in the event. Additional information can be known by calling the numbers 6300368705/ 8123123434, he added. Jayesh Ranjan inaugurated the logo.

Sowmya Kunisetty, Pooja, Srinivas Pilli, Vinay Dasari, Ramya, Pradeep Nilagiri, Nitish, Vivek, Vikram, Iliyas, Harika and others participated in the logo launch program.

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