Andhra Pradesh: People shocks over eggs being bounced in Nellore, confirms it as plastic ones

Plastic eggs found in Nellore

Plastic eggs found in Nellore


  • Eggs bought from a street vendor for less price are seen bouncing like a ball and turned hard after boiling. The incident was reported in Nellore.
  • Later, it was found that the eggs were of plastic.

The shocking incident was reported in the Nellore district where the eggs have turned hard like a stone after being boiled at hundred degrees. The reason for it is found to be that they are plastic eggs. The incident of plastic eggs has become the stir all over the Varikuntapadam mandal of Nellore district.

Going into details, the people who have been trapped by a street vendor offering the 30 eggs for Rs. 100 instead of Rs. 180 has bought the eggs Udayagiri constituency. Later, the people who bought the eggs were in awe after witnessing that the eggs were not broken despite slipping from the hand.

As they tried to boil the eggs, the eggs turned hard like stone and the people concluded that the eggs were not chicken and were of plastic.

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