Guntur Mirchi Yard to reopen on June 14

Guntur Mirchi Yard (file photo)

Guntur Mirchi Yard (file photo)


Chilli stocks from Karnataka are expected to arrive as the sellers are not getting desired price

Guntur: Asia's biggest Guntur Mirchi Yard will be reopened on June 14 after summer vacation.The Agriculture Marketing department officials are making necessary arrangements to resume trading activity in the market yard.

At present, trading activity is continuing in the cold storage units for the convenience of farmers. The Mirchi Yard was to be opened on June 7 after summer holidays. Due to increase in Covid-19 cases, the government postponed reopening of the market yard by another one week.

At present, the government relaxed the curfew which paved the way for the reopening of the market yard.

Guntur Mirchi Yard chairman Chandragiri Yesuratnam, Mirchi Yard secretary I Venkateswawra Reddy informed that the mirchi yard will be opened on June 14.The farmers and traders will follow Covid-19 rules. They must maintain social distance in the yard market, they said.

Karnataka chilli stocks are expected to arrive Guntur Mirchi Yard for another one month due to low price in Karnataka, owing to less demand there. To get profits, local brokers and traders will bring stocks to the Guntur Mirchi Yard and sell at the better prices.

According to Agriculture Market Department official sources, traders in Karnataka will offer a price lesser by Rs2000 to Rs2500 per quintal due to lack of marketing facility. The traders in that State will purchase the red chilli stocks and shift to Guntur Mirchi Yard and sell the stock. They will get at least Rs 2,000 more per quintal. If they will spend Rs1000 per quintal for transport expenses, they will get a profit of Rs1000 per quintal.

In Guntur Mirchi Yard, red chilli arrivals are entertained round-the-clock. Those who sell chilli stocks, will get payment within the stipulated time. Local traders and chilli exporters will purchase stocks taking the demand for red chilli into consideration.

As soon as Guntur Mirchi Yard will be opened on July 14, the farmers who have red chilli stocks will sell the stocks to invest in the fresh crop. Similarly, farmers will sell red chilli stocks kept in the cold storage units.

Teja, DD and Badigi varieties of red chilli price touched Rs17,000 per quintal during this season. Due to cyclones during last year, chilli gardens in the state got damaged. The farmers got lesser yield. But there is demand for quality red chilli stocks in the market. None of the chilli variety is available below 12,000 per quintal in the market.

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