Rajamahendravaram: Seasonal fever grip Agency areas

Seasonal fever grip Agency areas

Seasonal fever grip Agency areas


  • Around 77 malaria cases are reported in Rampachodavaram and Yetapaka divisions in the district
  • As many as 103 dengue case are registered in government hospitals

Rajamahendravaram: With the arrival of monsoon, people of East Godavari district, particularly remote villages, are worried about the spread of malaria, dengue and viral fevers. Seasonal diseases have returned to haunt the agency and other areas.

The raging pandemic and the onset of seasonal diseases are giving sleepless nights to the people who are urging the state government to take measures to prevent the recurrence of seasonal diseases. Due to lack of precautions undertaken, malaria and dengue and viral disease break out every year in the agency area of the district.

Last year, a total of 82 dengue cases were reported, while this year already 103 cases are registered in government hospitals. There is no audit about the dengue or malaria cases in the private hospitals. Interestingly, more malaria cases were reported in agency areas in the district.

Around 77 malaria cases were reported from Rampachodavaram and Yetapaka divisions agency areas in the district.

Malaria and viral fevers have been especially spreading in all areas. According to district malaria officer PV Satyanarayana, a total of 77 malaria cases have been reported this year in the district. 25 cases have been reported in Rampachodavaram, 52 cases in Yetapaka so far this year.

Fever screening has been conducted at malaria positive cases habitation and organising medical camps, said District Malaria Officer Dr. Satyanarayana. Radical treatment has been administered for positive cases. Contact smears have been collected from positive cases and mass smears are collected at affected villages, he informed. Anti-larval operations have been conducted through gram panchayats.

Focal spray conducted wherever malaria cases are reported and flood affected villages at subunit Devipatnam and Yetapaka division even after to prevent active transmission in the community. House to house surveillance being conducted for

We are appealing to the people to observe every Friday as a 'dry day,' when they can clean stagnant water in and around their houses." Rao added that officials were also conducting a rapid fever survey in all 431 revenue villages in the district. Medical teams are going door-to-door to provide medicines if any one has a fever. Anti larval operations are conducted continuously for about 8 weeks, he said.

The much dreaded spread of dengue fever and malaria fever is under control so far in the district, when compared to its incidence in previous years at the same time, Satyanarayana said.

There are 18 primary health centres, two community health centers and one area hospital in Rampachodavaram. Shortage of paramedical and doctors in the government hospitals has become a curse to the tribals.

According to the Medical and Health department officials, 10 civil assistant surgeon posts have been vacant in the Rampa agency area. A total of 506 para-medical staff services are required in the hospitals. However, only 272 staff are working in the hospitals.

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