TDP minority wing asks why RS ticket denied to actor Ali

Tollywood comedian Ali

Tollywood comedian Ali


Party leader Jaffar Sharif alleges that the ruling party is ignoring the welfare of minorities

Nellore: TDP minority cell State general secretary Jaffar Sharif criticised that Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy had ignored his promise of allocating Rajya Sabha seat to the Muslims in the State. He addressed the media in the city on Wednesday and said popular Tollywood comedian Ali was denied the RS seat even though the Chief Minister had earlier assured of providing a chance to the minorities.

He said Jagan Mohan Reddy imported BC leaders from Telangana State for Rajya Sabha seats when there are many eligible leaders waiting for an opportunity in the State and said actor Ali was also from the BC community.

The TDP minority leader said the YSR Congress bagged 151 seats in the State, and it was possible with the support of the minorities too. But, he wondered, the ruling party had simply ignored the presence of minorities. Moreover, the State government has simply stopped supporting 534 minority students who were pursuing their higher studies abroad, at least not considering their future.

He demanded the Muslim minorities who have been supporting the ruling party to explain what the government has done to these communities. He criticised them for never asking the government for any benefit to the community people except their personal gains. He said the TDP has supported the minorities and it has ensured wellbeing of the communities.

Sharif said at least now the Muslim minorities should realise the need for supporting the community population rather than becoming mouthpiece to the government.

The TDP leader also expressed concern over the growing atrocities on women in the State which reflected the lack of law and order conditions in the State. Local leaders Naushad, Usman, Iqbal and others were present.

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