Vijayawada: Retaining wall prevents flooding of Police Colony

Vehicles parked on service road

Vehicles parked on service road


Unauthorised parking of vehicles on service road causes inconvenience to the residents of Police Colony.

Vijayawada: Unauthorised parking of vehicles on service road causes inconvenience to the residents of Police Colony. Except this issue, the colony, located adjacent to Krishna River and close to Krishna Lanka highway, is one of the peaceful colonies in East Assembly constituency.

The service road is located adjacent to Krishna Lanka highway. Hundreds of tractors, autorikshaws, trucks, cars and other vehicles are parked on the service road causing inconvenience to the local people and regular commuters.

The approach road connected to Krishna Lanka highway is the main road used by the colony residents. Formed in early 1980s, the Police Colony gradually transformed into a decent colony with CC roads, BT roads, UGD, drinking water facility.

Earlier, when the colony was formed, Krishna River floods inundated the colony during every rainy season. Krishna River flood water used to enter houses and shops, causing damage to the household articles and goods and financial loss.

After several years of struggle, a retaining wall was constructed along the river preventing the flood water entering the colony during rainy season. The colony residents breathed relief after the construction of the retaining wall.

Most residents in the colony belong to police department. During the last four decades, the ownership of properties changed hands. People belonging to other professions and traders have purchased house sites and constructed houses. Government employees, truck drivers, businessmen from Auto Nagar area and other areas settled in the Police Colony. The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation is constructing Primary Health Centre in the police for the convenience of the residents.

K Sudhir, a resident of Police Colony, said that except the encroachments of service road, the colony residents do not have any other problem. Laying UGD and construction of side drains, street lighting and other works were taken by the VMC to develop the infrastructure facilities.

Scores of vehicles will be parked on the service road causing lot of inconvenience to the commuters. Every morning, it's a daily headache for them.

Located between Rani gari thota and Ramalingeswara Nagar, the Police Colony is an ideal colony for middle class families with basic infrastructure facilities. Rented houses are available at reasonable rents that can be afforded by the middle class and poor people.

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