Actor Payal Rohatgi calls Raja Ram Mohan Roy a traitor, and Sati a woman's choice

Actor Payal Rohatgi calls Raja Ram Mohan Roy a traitor, and Sati a womans choice

Actor Payal Rohatgi took to Twitter and glorified the age-old tradition of Sati, also known as "Sati Pratha". She also went on to call the social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy a "traitor" who defamed the tradition.

Payal Rohatgi tweeted a video, "Truth behind Sati Pratha in India" and called Raja Ram Mohan Roy a 'traitor'. The tweet was captioned: "#Jauhar was an incident related to Padmavati [movie] during Mughal Khiljis invasion. Later society, with the help of traitors like Raja Ram, who Britishers used to divide society, made Sati into an evil forceful practice. (sic)"

Payal Rohatgi tweeted: "No he was a chamcha to Britishers who used him to defame the Sati tradition. Sati tradition was not compulsory but was introduced to prevent the prostitution of Hindu wives by the hands of Mughal invaders. It was the woman's choice. #FeministsofIndia Sati was not regressive." in reply to another tweet.

This stirred a mainly opposing debate to her stance, where Twitterati mocked her for her statements on the social reformer who in his lifetime, worked very hard to abolish the regressive act of Sati.

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