Vicky takes criticism in his stride

Vicky takes criticism in his stride

In just four years, Vicky Kaushal has tasted critical and commercial success with his commendable performances.

In just four years, Vicky Kaushal has tasted critical and commercial success with his commendable performances. He has scored a solo blockbuster with 'Uri": The Surgical Strike' and also won the National Award as Best Actor for the film.

With success comes criticism. The actor says he is open to constructive criticism, which he considers is an important part of growing.

"If criticism is constructive and it makes you introspect and wonder that 'Haan, isme koi baat hai' and 'isme main kuch kar sakta tha jo sahi click nahi hui', then of course you should follow that and take it in stride," Vicky told IANS.

He added: "At times, criticism is an outcome of angst and at times (it is done) just for the heck of it. You know your truth, so you read it and ponder over it.

If it makes sense, you believe it, take it forward and work on it. If not, you can't hold on to it. Then, that would affect your work."

The 31-year-old actor, who recently featured in the music video "Pachtaoge" with actress Nora Fatehi, says criticism is "part and parcel" of an actor's life.

"Criticism is a very important part of growing but you also need to know what you are and what is working for you. (You need to understand) what kind of hard work you are putting in. Criticism is part and parcel (of the job).

It is always going to be there," she said. Vicky's filmography boasts of hits that are all different from each another. He stepped into the world of acting in 2015 with the critically acclaimed 'Masaan' and was later seen in hits such as 'Raazi,' 'Sanju' and 'Manmarziyaan.'

Then, earlier this year, the blockbuster 'Uri: The Surgical Strike' catapulted him into Bollywood's big league.

How do you plan to encash the success? "The only way I want to encash the success is by being focussed on work because that is what has resulted in me getting success in the first place.

I don't want to lose my integrity. I want to be as focussed as I always was and be honest as I always was about work. All the honour and love I am getting is only because of my work," he replied.

Vicky says he will continue believing his instincts. "Today, people are relating to my work. Tomorrow if they don't do so, all this won't be the same.

The focus is to keep doing what I have been doing, and following my instincts to keep going forward," he said. Does he follow a template or does he simply follow his heart while selecting scripts?

"The quest is to not repeat myself. If I have done something in the recent past, I would not explore that territory again, but do something varied and work with new people and directors.

Of course, I would also always work with directors I have admired again and again," he said.

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