Inmates slam Sunny for bad behavior, make him feel guilty




The episode started with Nagarjuna's grand entry. Anne is seen congratulating Ravi and celebrating his win in the captaincy task.

The episode started with Nagarjuna's grand entry. Anne is seen congratulating Ravi and celebrating his win in the captaincy task. Siri is seen crying and Shannu says that the duo are alone in the house and they have to be strong. Sunny and Maanas are seen saying that Siri always talks bad words and provoke others. They are saying that Shannu just started playing games but is giving out so many words. Kajal says that Sunny can sort by apologizing to Shannu but Sunny doesn't accept.

Priyanka asked Maanas why he is behaving like that and he screams at her. Bigg Boss gave 'Suvarnabhoomi' task. The housemates can roll dice and reach the Suvarnabhoomi block. The housemates picked Sunny and Priyanka for the task. Priyanka won the task. Maanas apologizes to Priyanka. Jessie meets the doctor in the secret room and said that they have to more evaluation to diagnose his condition. Nagarjuna also greeted Jessie and the latter said how he is feeling.

Nag said that Jessie can go back to the Bigg Boss house once his health reports are out. Nagarjuna gave FIR task to the housemates. Everyone can wear a police cap and file FIRs on others. The rest of the housemates will vote them guilty or not. Anne picked Kajal and the duo argue again. The housemates said Kajal is guilty. Ravi said that Sunny did wrong as he became aggressive. Sunny picked Maanas as his defense lawyer. Maanas tried to defend him. Sunny tried to explain.

Sunny said that he didn't use the word 'Thantha (I will kick)'. Nagarjuna showed him the video. All the housemates said Sunny is guilty. Kajal tried to defend Sunny. But Nagarjuna said that the problem with Sunny is not his intentions but the words he is losing and how he is giving chances for everyone to blame him. Nag said that he wanted to appreciate Sunny for his performance in the task but he didn't like how he reacted. Sunny picked Siri and the housemates said Siri is not guilty.

Siri picked Sunny and the housemates said that Sunny is guilty. Maanas picked Anne and the house calls Anne not guilty. Sreeram picked Priyanka and the house calls her not guilty. Priyanka picked Maanas and the house calls him not guilty. Kajal picked Anne and the house calls her not guilty. Shannu picked Sunny and the duo argue. In the break, Sunny says that Ravi backstabbed him by saying that he is showing bad behavior. Ravi argues and Sunny screams at him again. Maanas supports Sunny.

Nagarjuna shows the video of Sunny saying youtube to Shannu. Nagarjuna asked why Sunny again raised his voice on Ravi even after the housemates said he is guilty. The housemates claim that Sunny, Maanas, and Kajal come together when they are having a conversation with one person. The house calls Sunny guilty again. Siri gets into the safe zone. Nagarjuna imitated how the housemates reacted to the cake and said that everyone did overthinking and Sunny lived the moment by eating it and he really liked that.

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