Six inmates to compete for captaincy

Six inmates to compete for captaincy

Six inmates to compete for captaincy


The episode started with Sreeram asking how many eggs she is using and Siri says six and they are using the eggs as there is no one in the house.

The episode started with Sreeram asking how many eggs she is using and Siri says six and they are using the eggs as there is no one in the house. While talking to Viswa and Maanas, Sunny said that Jessie wanted to drop from the contenders but he said he want to play again after 2nd challenge. The next day started with the housemates dancing to the 'Chal Chalo Chalo' song. The housemates ask Jessie the reason why he wants to participate again as he wanted to drop initially.

Jessie claims that he wants to participate as the housemates who have already become captains are also participating. So, Maanas says that either a boy or girl should drop. Anne comes forward and says that she will drop. But, Jessie said that he will drop. Siri tried to convince him and Shannu also asked him to give up only if his health condition is not good but not for Anne. Jessie drops from the race. Siri tried to raise the point that his health is not good and it won't be good if anyone calls him the worst performer. Sunny says that he is the one to talk and she should not interfere.

Ravi also claimed that no one is stone-hearted to do that and only Jessie should talk about it. Shannu also screams on Siri to stop talking on behalf of Jessie. Jessie comes and said that he can face even if the housemates call him the worst performer and it is his call to drop. Later, while eating Siri asked what was wrong and Shannu said that they should stop talking on behalf of Jessie. The housemates decide to send Pinky and Anne to Bigg Boss gives the 4th challenge 'Rangu Paduddi'. Priyanka and Anne have to paint the canvas in their color. The color which dominates will win.

Sunny as a sanchalak says that it is a tough call but he felt that despite being short Anne tried to reach the top edges also and the red is visible in some parts and declared her as the winner. Anne became the fourth captaincy contender and got access to the house as well. Jessie explains to Sunny why he wanted to drop as soon as Anne wanted to drop. Shannu says to Jessie that all the housemates are being good to him and it is high time for Jessie to be friendly with everyone and they are becoming the villains if they are talking on behalf of him. 'Car lo Husharuga'. Sunny and Kajal have to drive a toy car and bring the flower vases to the other end.

Sunny won the task and became the fifth captaincy contender and also got access to the Bigg Boss house. While talking, Ravi, Siri, and Shannu say that Kajal didn't take the task seriously. While talking to Shannu, Ravi says that Shannu overthinks a lot but Siri supported Shannu. Kajal, Sunny, and Maanas are seen talking that whatever Ravi does it feels like he is acting. Bigg Boss gives another opportunity for the left out housemates and gives 'Banthilo Undi Bhagyam' task. The participants have to try to catch the ball in the circle and throw it in a basket.

The contestant in whose basket the ball falls will get out of the task. In the first round, Maanas wins and sends Viswa out. Maanas wins again and sends Ravi out. Maanas won again and sends Jessie out. Maanas sends Lobo also out. Maanas sends Kajal out. Between Maanas and Priyanka also, Maanas wins and becomes the captaincy contender. The housemates congratulate him. Bigg Boss announces that Shannu, Siri, Sunny, Anne, Sreeram, and Maanas are the captaincy contenders and also claimed that all the housemates will now have the access to Bigg Boss house.

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