Allu Arjun pulls off a hackneyed plot

Allu Arjun pulls off a hackneyed plot

The ‘one-man army’ concept of commercial cinema refuses to die, despite women-centric themes and heroines getting better and heavier roles in today’s movie world.

The 'one-man army' concept of commercial cinema refuses to die, despite women-centric themes and heroines getting better and heavier roles in today's movie world.

Directors find out various ways to keep the camera focused solely on the protagonist, who, despite a mountain of problems confronting him, manages to achieve what he sets out to.

Telugu cinema, with its heavy reliance on super heroism never shies away from taking up this time-tested method. So, no surprise then, director Trivikram and 'Stylish Star' Allu Arjun embrace the formula wholeheartedly, with a pressing need to deliver a big hit after their recent disaster flicks.

So, what do you have in this latest collaboration of the much-hyped pair? A routine, as old as the hills story of how babies are forcibly interchanged by a scheming and jealous character (Murali Sharma) with a bid to rewrite their respective fates of having born in a middle-class home and a mansion respectively.

Well, man proposes, God disposes and things turn out exactly the opposite way to rationalize itself in the end, when the evil guys are served their just desserts and justice is delivered, despite herculean efforts made by desperate and small men to prevent it.

Allu Arjun, who had a massive wave of publicity backing this film all across online and offline platforms simply melts into his character, interacting comfortably with an ensemble cast – from Sachin Khedekar, Jayaram and Samuthirakani at one end and Sushant and Tabu at the other.

The director's template is too familiar to his earlier works in which he showcased a hero, going about re-establishing order in a rich household and mending their broken relationships to make everyone feel good at the end.

The ingredients of a foreign location song, rich ambience, some coastal Andhra flavour and accents are all packed in to keep the hoi polloi happy.

Treatment wise, the film is above par and the pace of the proceedings pretty steady. Yet, there is no other bigger component in the entire presentation which is bigger than the hero's multiple talents – his aggressive fights, comic timing and dance moves.

Pooja Hegde is a glam doll as ever, with NivethaPethuraj hardly recognisable in her blink-n-miss presence.

The dated storyline is too jarring to be missed but for fans of Allu Arjun, who have been waiting for their hero to come out all guns blazing, it can pass muster for sure.

If it was any other star, one wonders whether it would have deserved a dekho in the first place. SS Thaman's music, songs and BGM are all pretty engaging.

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