From Das to Arjun, Vishwak's journey as a star

Vishwak Sen

Vishwak Sen


Vishwak Sen, the young generation actor, managed to impress the audiences with his first film itself.

Vishwak Sen, the young generation actor, managed to impress the audiences with his first film itself. He made a remarkable place in audiences' hearts with "Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi" and later turned as Das with "Falaknuma Das." His comic timing and one-liners made him a favourite amongst young cine-goers. The actor is currently riding high on success with his recently released film "Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam" (AVAK), which is streaming on Aha from June 3.

In an exclusive interaction with The Hans India, Vishwak Sen shared his happiness for AVAK success and told about his future projects. Let's have a look into it.

Tell us about your experience working for 'Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam'?

It was two different experiences working in AVAK. Firstly, shooting and all and later releasing it. Mainly, we believed in the script and kept working. Personally, I am very happy that there was one more thing known to audience from my side that I can do this type of characters also. It has shown my acting potential to public.

So, how was the releasing experience?

It was nice that people not getting manipulated about what is happening around you. Leaving everything outside and coming into the theatres. It was a complete happy ending.

What was the first thought when you heard the script?

After the narration, the only thought was there is scope for me to perform and it is definitely going to be one of the feathers in my hat and the result proved that I am not wrong.

What was the plan behind the first intro video of Arjun?

Actually, in recent times, everyone has a phone in his hand and we actors cant hide our look until first look. So, director Ravi thought that why to give chance for leakages. Let us only release one video and it went viral in social media.

You look like a good boy whom every parent wants her son to be like. What was your parent's reaction seeing you as Arjun?

Initially, my mom was unhappy seeing me in that attire. She even expressed it that I'm looking like an uncle. But, my confidence was after seeing the film, she will change her opinion and it happened immediately after the release.

Not only my parents, my friend's parents called me and said you were very nice in the film. Getting calls from them is a different experience which I never had. First time, the film has reached family audience.

You were very unique while selecting scripts. What is the care you take while selecting script?

The only care I take is not to repeat the genre for next three to four years. Because, audience will watch the film for just three hours but I should work for it for more than five months. So, it should be exciting for me while going to the set. After 'HIT', I got many thrillers in which some were too good but I don't want to repeat it so early.

What is your priority while selecting a script?

Definetely drama, any film needs drama. It is the only thing which ties the audience to their seats. It may be any genre, but drama should be there.

Being a block buster director, how does it feel working with debut directors?

It was always good welcoming fresh thoughts. But, as an actor I'll just do my job. I won't interfere because I will give the chance only when he is more talented than me. So I need not question him once he grabbed the opportunity.

There are many trolling on your increase in weight for every film. What is your reply to it?

For AVAK, The director wanted me to put on weight. So, there is no option for me and I increased 8 kgs for this. May be in my next film, I will be seen as a 21 years guy. So, I'm working on my body hard, hitting the gym. So, hoping the trolls will end soon.

Tell us about your future projects

One will be 'Das Ki Dhamki' which is well known to one and all. The other is as I already told you, a college story which will be with all of fun and masti. Two more were signed and will be officially announced later.

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