Bonanza of laughter!

Our present-day fast-paced life is fraught with stress and anxiety. It seems that modern man has forgotten to laugh spontaneously. Hence, every morning, he participates in laugher clubs and struggles to exude forced and artificial guffaws. But while reading Jas Kohli's novel 'Lights! Scalpel! Romance', gales of laughter burst through the hearts of the readers, the way sounding cataracts flow through the Rocky Mountains.

The medical profession as the backdrop in this consummately created work of healthy humour offers the reader a glimpse of what transpires behind the scenes in a doctor's professional and personal life.

The author takes the reader on a virtual tour of Nirog Hospital in Delhi, along with Nipun, the intern. As he embarks on his journey of MS (surgery), under the tutelage of a skilful and renowned surgeon, Dr Ujjwal, Nipun is exposed to the diverse facets of the profession. Though during the years of his MBBS, his life is quite carefree, replete with fun and frolic, certain turns of events bring a complete metamorphosis in his personality. Life becomes arduous for this trainee doctor. Dr Ujjwal is a hard taskmaster, the practical lessons which he imparts to this budding surgeon are crucial in shaping him up.

As Nishtha, a beauty with brains and loads of attitude steps in the corridors of Nirog Hospital, romance adds charm to Nipun's erstwhile gruelling and mundane routine. The readers will bump into a mélange of well-delineated characters which contribute significantly into the making of its well-knit plot. With Dr Ujjawal, Nishtha, Dr Anuroop aka Candy, the story unfolds with rib-tickling humorous incidents.

The addition of new junior doctors, Dr Ridhi and the insecure, Dr Mayur, in the second year bring some interesting twists. The petite, Dr Ridhi casts spell on Nipun's heart, yet their relationship dangles in uncertainties. The author nowhere has gone overboard with the romance element of the book, keeping it realistic and gripping with a puckish humorous touch.

The author also deliberates on the junior-senior relationship of the medical profession in a manner which endears the readers. Although there are traces of superiority, domination and at times mild exploitation, mutual respect, understanding and protection also exist in the equation between the seniors and the interns. The incident where Dr Ujjwal, addresses Nipun with a prefix 'Dr' in front of his relative to boost up his esteem, is a fine example of such a subtle revelation of care and respect.

Even though Nipun dons the mantle of the chief protagonist, Dr Ujjwal captures the hearts of the readers. His life undergoes a major transition when he comes across Ananya, stunning beauty and a strong-headed woman. Will Ananya be able to trust Dr Ujjwal, after digging into the history of his romantic escapades and flings? Will life give another opportunity to this dashing doctor with a golden heart?

Author's experiences in the medical profession equip him with an edge and enable him to depict the multiple challenges (big and small), a doctor has to confront the way the patients react at the sight of the needle or their fears about the surgery have been written convincingly well. The book presents an idea to the reader about how the doctors endeavour to heal; not only with medicines but with their words and presence of mind.

The medical terminology which we come across in the narration can be a tad alien to a non-medico reader, but it doesn't hinder the comprehension. The plot is weaved intelligently and cannily around the day to day incidents taking place in the hospitals. Leavened with hilarious humour the book is abuzz with philosophical overtones as well. However, it is not preachy about the profession, still, it leaves the reader with a thought that a doctor's life isn't mere glamour, as it ostensibly appears to be. In a nutshell, it is an unputdownable work laced with the dosage of chuckle-some fun.

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