Hydrated & healthy!

Hydrated & healthy!

For your body to function properly, you must replenish fluids by consuming beverages and foods that contain water


Water, a precious gift bestowed on us by Mother Nature I cannot stress how important this fluid is for your survival. One of the questions that are frequently asked to me is how much water I should drink and what is the requirement to prevent dehydration this answer is not so simple. First and foremost, water is not needed only to prevent dehydration. Water is an indispensable fluid for our wellbeing and makes up half of your body weight.

Each organ and every cell of your body needs water to maintain balance and survive. Every system in your body depends on water to maintain the PH levels or the body will turn acidic. This essential drink is needed to transport blood through your body assimilate and carry nutrients to various organs, digest and eliminate thus preventing toxicity. Your water intake is important for the production of saliva and maintaining fluids in the eyes therefore when anyone mentions that they are having dry eye syndrome or dryness in the mouth I say drink water. One cannot even imagine that the temperature of your body depends on your water intake.

Water provides a moist environment for the ear nose and throat helping you to breathe freely. The day my clients have less water they feel bloated constipated and acidic. Often, I see breakouts on the face, and I know their water intake has fallen therefore I always say to keep your skin blemish free the key ingredient is water.

One of the best lubricants for your joints you will be surprised to know is water. Often when one is exhausted, we reach out to food I always see wait first drink water it is the best pick me up even mild dehydration can affect our physical performance and normal day to day functions. Concentration, mood swing, anxiety headaches are often due to lack of water. Kidney function, elevated blood pressure and reduced heart rate can be due to insufficient water intake. Urinary tract infection the most common cause is lack of water.

I strongly believe that drinking warm water soothes the throat minimises symptoms of common cold and flu. I have observed that drinking warm water first thing in the morning activates our digestive system and helps your bowels to move.

Every day you lose fluids through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you must replenish fluids by consuming beverages and foods that contain water.

The average urine output for adults is about 1.5 litres (6.3 cups) a day.

You lose close to an additional litre of fluids a day through breathing, sweating and bowel movements. Food usually accounts for 20 per cent of your total fluid intake, so if you consume two litres of water along with your normal diet, you will typically replace the lost fluids. Approximately about 8 to 9 glasses a day Even apart from the above approaches another way to check is the colour of your urine; if it is colourless or slightly yellow urine a day, your fluid intake is probably adequate. Let me run you through some ways to increase your fluid intake and which ones to avoid.

Healthy beverages options other than water

Vegetable juice, sparkling water, mineral water, ice tea (without sugar), Black coffee, Fruit smoothies, Wheatgrass juice, Buttermilk, Green tea, Herbal infusions, Coconut water, Fresh lime water (without sugar), Fruits are 90 per cent water especially melons, Vegetable soup.

Unhealthy beverages

Aerated drinks/Colas/Diet colas, Energy drinks, Sports beverages, Milkshakes, Fruit juices- too high in sugar, Sherbets, Alcohol.

Keep your body well hydrated for optimum health.

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