It's tough to act in TV serials


Bengaluru-based actress Anjana Srinivas carves out her path to the Telugu TV industry with her traditional Telugu roles

Anjana Srinivas, the popular Kannada actress, who chanced her way to the Telugu television industry, has set no barriers to impress the audience. Starting her acting career at a very young age of 16, she has grown into a promising actress since then. The actress, who was previously seen in the TV serials Gorantha Deepam and Punnagu of Zee Telugu, is now starring in a lead role of Padmavati in the serial Bangaru Gajulu which is now streaming on Zee Telugu.

Tell us what interested you into acting:

Since I was in school I used to participate in extra-curricular activities and when I was in the ninth standard my teacher suggested me to join acting as she found my eyes beautiful. And then when I was in 11th standard I participated in a dance programme where a makeup man suggested me to go for an audition for a role in a serial. I went there to give it a try and out of 180 members in the audition there were only 10 of them who got selected. After that they have auditioned me for around four times and then I was selected to act in a Kannada serial as a lead role. That serial had become a big hit which gave me a break.

When did you start working with the Telugu industry?

In the year 2013 I started working with the Telugu industry. I started with the serial 'Gorantha Deepam' and then worked for another serial named Punnagu. Currently I am working with the third serial named Bangaru Gajulu.

Tell us about your role in Bangaru Gajulu

It is role of a traditional girl who loves music who wishes to be a singer. She is very emotional when it comes to her family matter and the character Padmavati is also very talkative. In my first serial Gorantha Deepam my character name was also Padmavati and the same name is used in this serial as well. This character brought me a lot of frame and this is like a sentiment for me which makes me feel happy playing it.

Are you a good singer in real life?

No! But then I tried singing, I used to go for sangeetam classes. When I was in my 10th standard I sang one song for which I was awarded in school. I love to dance, I have learnt watching TV. Whenever someone plays music I cannot control myself and I start dancing. My mother always tried to stop me but then I never listened and continued to dance.

Did you get an opportunity to work in movies?

Yes I have done two movies in Telugu including 'Malli Gadu Marriage Bureau'. When I was acting in my first serial in Telugu director of the movie Uday Kumar approached me and asked me to act as a second lead in the movie. Previously I have also done three movies in Kannada.

How is it different working in serials and movies?

A: Movie shooting would be over in two hours, but serial is a day's hard work and also there should be special scenes every week. It is difficult compared to movies. There is a lot of pressure here.

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