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The Bangalore-based television actor Akarsh Byramudi is now seen in the new television soap 'Akka Chellelu'.

'Akka Chellellu' is a story on two independent twins with contrasting personalities, and yet leading their lives together under the same roof.

The fiction show is starring Chaitra Rai, who is known for her act in 'That is Mahalaxmi', as both the twins, Sravani and Dharani Akarsh plays the lead role in the serial and about his character he says, "I play the character of Aditya in the series who is mad about Darini.

This character is different from every other normal person. He is very short-tempered and never likes to laugh and see another person laugh.

If anyone laughs around him, he always feels that they are laughing at him. He is insecure and never talks to anyone.

When he meets Darini there are visible changes in him. Aditya loves his mother and he thinks that his mother knows him better than anyone else."

Sravani and Dharani, two differing twin sisters hail from a lower middle-class family, where their father works several odd jobs to give them a better life.

Sravani is a self-centred and ambitious girl who has no worries.

While Dharani is considerate in nature as she recognises the challenges and sacrifices made by their father to educate and raise them.

Dharani forfeits her education and other comforts for Sravani to pursue her higher studies and lead a cushy life, in order to lessen the burden of their father.

Sravani grows up to achieve all her dreams and become a criminal lawyer.

"Aditya is short tempered and if Sravani wants her sister to be unhappy she targets me, as I react easily on anything.

So, I am in between them. She provokes me and I would react on Darini which makes Sravani happy."

Akarsh says that he was fascinated with being popular and wanted to be in the spotlight.

"I always wanted to be recognised by people, I never thought it would be acting.

I also had an interest in politics apart from being on the screen."

Akarsh who nurtured the dream of being on the screen informs that he was very nervous when he faced the camera for the first time.

"I started my TV career in Kannada, and it was very difficult for me to face the camera as I have never been to an acting school. However, after a few hiccups, I got myself acclimatised to the set environment and much of my learning in acting comes from the sets."

"When I started acting it was very challenging.

My co-actors were all experienced and everything looked new for me.

I never got a perfect shot for three months, so I had such kind of problems on set and then later on my co-artists started helping me out and I gradually learnt how everything works."

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