Reimagine your home this Diwali

Reimagine your home this Diwali

Lights are symbolic of goodness and positive energy and if you think about it Diwali actually is about spreading positive vibes

Lights are symbolic of goodness and positive energy and if you think about it Diwali actually is about spreading positive vibes

Let's light up this Diwali with some whole new do-it-yourself decor ideas. It is always fun to tidy up home and beautify it with lights. Yet, you run out of new ways to do ornamentation. Here we have some easy-to-do decoration ideas which you could use to style your home during festivities.

String lights

Wind the string lights randomly around the hula hoop to create a beautiful chandelier that can be hung in your living room to add the festive mood to it. These lights work very well both indoors and outdoors. They are also perfect for a quick party decor while you are at it. All you need will be to get a hoop to twine the lights.

Wineglass lamps

Wineglasses can be put to other uses like decorating tables. Fill three-fourths of the glasses with water and put in some beautiful flowers so that they float submerged in the water. Now place the tea light on top so it is floating above the water. Light them up to create an ambiance in the room. You can also put in crystals or white pebbles inside the glasses to make them more interesting. Also, these glass lights can be arranged on a large scale to create patterns. They can easily lighten up any party.


Simple flower garlands go a long way in beautifying a room. String the flowers together and hang them up on the walls. You're done!!

Wall pieces

Sequins can be passed over Thermocol boards or thick cardboard sheets and hung up on walls. If you wish for some over the top décor for a Diwali party, you can go for large sheets of sequin filled cardboards as wallpapers. They could also be used to decorate everyday objects like bottles, mirrors, and pots, which could then be used as centrepieces.

Sequin and tassel hangings

Sequins and tassels could be strung up together or separately on the thread. These are really flashy at night and reflects off the light when placed alongside Diwali lights. Tassels are very nice hanging on doors and walls. They fill up space easily and so finishes decorations quickly.

Patterned rangolis

Rangolis made of powders are very beautiful and artistic. They are really colorful and adds to the décor of your home. Create sophisticated patterns over your front doors and hallways to set off this Diwali in style. You can also enliven them with Diyas. Arrange the Diyas within and around the rangoli to finish off the artworks.

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